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A Surprisingly Good Bottle by Domaine Maestracci

This bottle from Domaine Maestracci is imported by Kermit Lynch and available at MacArthurs for $13.  I recently grabbed this bottle of Corsican wine off the shelves of MacArthurs.  My recent Corsican wine experience is limited to a red by Yves Leccia and a rose by Antoine Arena.  This wine is produced from vines located in Vin de Corse-Calvi subregion.  This area is located in the north-western portion of Corsica located around the town of Calvi.  Domaine Maestracci’s vineyard is located on the granite Reginu plateau. The domaine originated as an olive grove and mill until it was sold to Roger Maestracci in 1945.  The domaine was converted to a vineyard and winery and in the 1980s Roger retired and son-in-law Michel Raoust took over.

A Vineyard at Corse Calvi, Image by Justin and Vicky UK (flickr)

The flavor profile of this wine was a pleasing surprise.  This wine is both light and refreshing but contains a serious undertone throughout.  A small portion of the wine comes from the Sciaccarellu varietal which is unique to Corsica.  Whereas Niellucciu is the cousin of Sangiovese there are no known cousins for Sciaccarellu.  According to “The Oxford Companion to Wine” this varietal can produce deeply flavors but lighter color wine.  If you want to try something new or take a refreshing change from the Southern Rhone then grab a few bottles of this well priced wine.

2010 Domaine Maestracci, Clos Reginu, Corse Calvi
This wine is a blend of 30% Niellucciu, 30% Grenache, 15% Sciaccarellu, 15% Syrah, 5% Mourvedre, and 5% Carignan.  The fruit is sourced from the domaine’s youngest vines, 5-25 years of age, grown on soils of sandy clay on granite.  The wine is aged for six months in stainless steel.  This drank well over two nights.  The wine is a light ruby color with a grape/purple tinge.  There is a light, gritty nose with a rich undertone that is both familiar and different.  The flavors initially build to red fruit, pepper, with little waves from the Southern Rhone.  These lighter flavors are structured with drying tannins.  There are impressions of richness followed by supple black cherry, hard stones, pepper, and a leaner aftertaste. *** Now-2015.

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