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Bordeaux Tasting, Avery’s, 1st Dec 1992

December 1, 1992 1 comment

Bordeaux Tasting, Avery’s, 1st Dec 1992


Dec 1st 1992

(1) Ch. Lestage – Listrac 1985, 8 Pounds
A less quality.  Slightly orange in the red.  Stalky, strong acid, almonst non-existant tannins.  Nose is closed in.  Not much fruit. Light, delicate.  I dont like it!

(2) Ch. Montrose – St. Estephe 1985, 15.74 Pounds
Dark color, more uniform.  Slight tannin, not as strong – delicate, rounded-fruity, color change is more uniform.  Most northerly Haut-Medoc.

(3) Ch. Branaire Ducru – St. Julian 1985, 14.74 Pounds
Short lived after-taste.  More acidic than #2.  Tannin at Finish.  Prefer to #2.  Commun, very consistant, harder complex, nose more closed than #2.  Burnt toast, more delicate.  Second growth, no[t] first growth.

(4) Domaine de Chevalier – Leognian (Graves) 1985, 20 Pounds
Definite nose of tobacco.  Typical spicey. More tannin than above three.  Stronger.  Complex, many flavors that come out when in mouth.  “Needs to understand” over 5-years to 2005.  Could cost 5 Pounds per bottle.  No classification.

(5) Ch. Angelus – St. Emilion 1985, 15 Pounds
Spicey acid, you can feel it in the nose.  Stronger, not as complex at 4.  Fruity, short at finish, not enough tannin.  Difficult to sell.

(6) Ch. Haut Batailley – Pauillac 1983
Fruit not as good as 7 dies quickly, short.  Quite bright.

(7) Ch. Malescot St. Exupery – Margaux 1983
Slightly darker than 6.  More brown alcoholic, smoother delicate, more on palatte.  More elegant, quicker maturing, “Odd nose, uneasy” Prefer to 6.

(8) Ch. Clos du Clolmer – Pomerol 1983
Short palatte, very goose nose, sweet, new oak, smooth not always typical.  No classification.

Pomerol was more on the way before Parker came.  ’85’s will improve 83’s are soft, easy going.