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Two Old Tasting Notes from the Summer of 2008

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Five Old Tasting Notes

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Wine Tastings with the Bristol University Wine Circle

The Author, 1992

I attended eight tasting with the Bristol University Wine Circle.  I have scanned my tasting sheets and transcribed my notes.   Beware, these are casual drinking notes so they are full of mistakes!  I tasted a wide range of wines, many of which I did not like along with a few that were stellar.  I tasted my first wines from Mexico and South Africa.  I particularly liked 1985 Domaine de Chevalier and 1970 Marques de Murrietta, Tinto Gran Reserva.  I tasted wine from “Washington’s dirtiest winemaker” Blackwood Canyon and recommended one stay away from 1989 Badacsonyi Szurkebarat, Lake Balaton.  Surprisingly, I also tasted the 1985 Cabernet Sauvignon from the immensely popular Quilceda Creek.

This post wraps up my time spent at Bristol University.  After my finals I spent my summer in continental Europe.  Once there I drank a fair amount of Franken wine in Frankfurt, Germany where I learned to prefer Riesling over other varietals.  While I studied architectural history in Florence, Italy I drank particularly cheap wine in between pints of Guinness at the Irish pub.  Then at the end of the summer I returned to the newly formed Czech Republic and visited a family winery in Vienna, Austria.  This later trip is the inspiration for an upcoming series of posts on The Vineyards of Vienna.
Wine Tasting, Reid Wines, 13th Oct 1992

New World Versus France Tasting, 27th Oct 1992 

Italian Tasting, Paul Merritt, 24th Nov 1992

Bordeaux Tasting, Avery’s, 1st Dec 1992

Hungarian Wine Tasting, Godwin & Godwin, 3rd Feb 1993

Marques de Murrieta Tasting, 9th Feb 1993

Oregon And Washington Tasting, Mark Savage MW, 16th Feb 1993

Loire Tasting, Yapp Brothers, 2nd Mar 1993

Old Tasting Notes From June 2008

Here are three more posts from notes that I took during June 2008.

Five Tasty Wines From the Rhone, All Below $21

Three Modern Rhone Wines

Three From Gigondas

The Final Three Old Tasting Notes For the Week

Here are links to the final set of old tasting notes that I am publishing this week.  I think I might still have a bottle or two of the German wines that I tasted.  If so I shall make sure to try them again soon and report back!

Four From Germany

Four Zinfandels From California

Three From 1997

Old Tasting Notes For Wine From France, Portugal, and Spain

 Here are two older posts covering France, Portugal, and Spain:

Wines From Portugal, France, and Spain

Affordable Rhones

Two More Old Tasting Notes

Here are two more old posts from February 2008.  I believe I still have some Solitary Vineyards wine from Australia so I shall have to see if my suggestion of cellaring the wine is holding up.  And it is good to see my earliest note on Clos de Fees published in the French post.

Three Recent Australian Releases

Four From France

Old Tasting Notes

It has been two months since I last published Old Tasting Notes.  So as not to clog subscriber’s inboxes I will be publishing ten sets of notes throughout the week.  These notes were written from December 2007 through April 2008 and were posted on eBob.  While I started consistently writing  notes in 2005 it was not until 2007 that I started to post them online.  This period predates my habit of taking pictures of bottles so these posts are just plain text.  I hope you enjoy them!

Five Wines From France

Three Wines With Some Age

Two Affordable French Wines


More Old Notes

I have posted the old tasting notes that previous appeared on the Old Tasting Notes page.  I have also posted several additional sets of tasting notes and added some pictures.  Enjoy!


Old Rhone Tasting Notes

1994-2003 Pride Mountain Vineyards, Cabernet Sauvignon Tasting

1983 Warre’s and 1985 Dow’s

1999 California, Washington, and Bordeaux wine dinner

Mostly Bordeaux Tasting at Lou’s

Washington State and Others

DC Old Gems Offline


Old Tasting Notes

I originally created an Old Tasting Notes page to archive my old notes and posts.  The WordPress software that I use works great with blog posts.  I like how my posts may be searched, viewed by category or tag, and also by archive date.  Static pages do not have that level of integration.  I will be now be entering all of these old notes as posts that use the original creation date and are tagged as Old Tasting Notes.  I have posted four old notes this morning (links below) and this afternoon will move those found in the existing Old Tasting Notes page to blog posts.  Enjoy!

1966/1970/1977 Graham’s/Taylor’s/Warre’s vintage port

1990-2004 Pegau Vertical in DC

1998 Gigondas

DC Chateauneuf du Pape at Lavandou