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Italian Tasting, Paul Merritt, 24th Nov 1992

November 24, 1992 2 comments

Italian Tasting, Paul Merritt, 24th Nov 1992

24 NOVEMBER 1992

1. Soave Classico 1991, Robert Anselmi. 5.49 Pounds
The classic production area for Soave.  Turned around father’s mass amounts.  Main variety Gorgonaga, neutral grape.  Fermented at cool temp.  Clean, acidic, sharp, modern style. Fresh.

2. Frascati Superiore “Satin Bottle” 1991, Colli di Catone. 4.99 Pounds
Prefer to #1.  0.5 [Percent] more alcohol.  2 types of Malvezier and Trebiano (plain) (none of this lamb).  Mascerates grapes with skins more juice.  Smells like bread.  Low acidity, concentrated flavor.

3. Chardonnay Buchholz 1991, Alois Lageder. 5.49 Pounds
From Alto Atage, northern part of mountained belonged to Austria until WWI.  Pinot Blanc used to be planted by Chardonnay.  Tad bit oak, first vintage, fermented in 220 L. oak barrique.  Young try in a year.  Prefer to #1.  DAC – legislates growth of wine in 1961 based upon French: variety, region, …  DACG – controlled and garunteed stricted.

4. Campo Fiorin 1988, Masi.  4.99 Pounds
Partially dried grapes.  Put grapes in trays on lofts.  Press in January.  Loss 30% of moisture content.  In between sweet Retchioto – Bottachelo bitter black cherry.  Dry Amaroni.  Standard, in March pump into vat where Rondinella Rechiato has been.  Ferments a second time.  Tannic. 13.5 [Percent].  Hides alcohol well.  Grape Variety 60% Corvina for color 30% Mollinara, 10% Rondinella.

5. Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Colle Secco 1988, Tollo. 4.69 Pounds
Cooperative good value Italian wine.  DAC.  Vino Nobeli.  Montepulciano.  Does have nice color.  Trebiano.  At first I preferred bouquet of #4.  I’m not sure which I prefer. “Soft, good ripe tannin, rich fruit on palette.”  Good for money.

6. Ginestro 1988, Banfi. 4.99 Pounds
Prefer to #7.  Produced for Oddbins – unfiltered.  International style, with oak character.  Developing secondary flavors.  Strong amount of tannin.  Maturing. 80% ?, 18% Caberent, 2 % Gino.  Southern Tuscan, Fairly dry.  Like color.

7. Nebbiolo delle Langhe 1990 Croera-Fossati, Robert Voerzio. 6.79 Pounds
Lives on Lamora.  Nebiolo grape.  Masceration for 15-20 days.  To even out the tannin, much fruit needed.  Low yield 40 hectaliters/Ha.  Bright red.  Attack of tannin at 2nd.  Fruit/floral/warm at end.  More tannin than #6.  When young rosey – older tary.  Prefer to above three.

8. Vignasetta 1988, Roberto Voerzio. 10.99 Pounds
Half Nebiolla, half Barbera.  Barbera d’Alba at 6-7 Pounds is “hell of a wine”.  Upfront fruit, astringent finish, acid.  New French oak barriques, aged 16 months,.  Not as birght as #7.  Bottled beginning of this year.  Keep 10 years.  Concentration of fruit.  Higher levels of tannins, though not perceived.