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Loire Tasting, Yapp Brothers, 2nd Mar 1993

March 2, 1993 1 comment

Loire Tasting, Yapp Brothers, 2nd March 1993

Bristol University Wine Circle
Loire Tasting
2nd March 1993

Chalky limestone, excellent drainage.  Northern limit of the vine belt.  Terrible frosts every once in a decade.  Muscadet is the most popular varietal but confined.

2 Muscadet sur Lie  4.75 Pounds
Domaine de la Mortaine 1992
Henri and Vincent Chereau
Grapes rested on leaves.  Imported in 16th [century] a hardy vine.  A very pale off gold/some carbon dioxide, very light.  Wine is produced in traditional method – small yeast.  Not a long finish.  Almost spirity in mouth.  Weak nose, not sweet. Very light.

87 Menetou Salon 1991  6.50 Pounds
Jean and Jean-Jacque Teiller
Pure Cabernet Sauvignon.  Light on the platte.  As an aperitiff.  Pale yellow, gooseberries, too dry.

57 Azay-le-Rideau Rose 1991  5.75 Pounds
Gaston Pavy
Not bad. 4/5 of grapes destroyed in frost.  Very light nose, a peach/brown light color.  Dry with some tannins.  Rose petals.  C.S., C. Franc, Groulaus.

34 Vin de Thoursais 1990 Demi-sec 4.65 Pounds
Michel and Francois Gigon
Chevignon Blanc grape.  Unusual.  Second wave of nose is unpleasant, sweet.

44 Saumur Champigny  6.15 Pounds
Jeunes Vignes 1990
Paul Filliatreau
Served cold.  Stainless steel.  Young, ruby red, immature.  Strong bouquet.  100% Cabernet Franc.  A lot of acid, earthy, soft, mushrooms.

49 Chinon L’Arpenty 1990  6.50 Pounds
Francis Desbourdes
Served cold.  Usually drunk young.  Fuller body.  100% Cabernet Franc.  Tannic.  Immature.  “Commercial wine.”

22 Vouvray mousseaux Demi-sec  7.35 Pounds
Daniel Jarry
Sparkling.  Watch out for sulfur.  Bottle fermented, make still wine, add sugar + yeast in bottle.  Honey.  Chevignon Blanc.  Yeast, picked late to get ripe fruit.

19 Chateau de la Roulerie  7.50 Pounds
Les Aunis 1990
Dominique Jaudeau
Should be richer than Sautern.  Chevignon Blanc.  Employ triage.  Boytritus.  Natural Sugar.  Vines are stripped 3-4 times for best grapes.  14%.