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Berry Bros. & Co., circa 1910

Flickr is a great website that I often use to find images for my posts.  I quickly found two shop-front images featuring Berry Bros. & Co. from circa 1910 and Berry Bros. & Rudd from 2011.  The older picture of the store looks quite inviting with the delicate, airy windows.  These images are from curry15 Carole King’s flickr stream.  By the way, I also recommend the Berry Bros. & Rudd flickr stream.

Berry Bros. & Rudd,1910 and 2011, curry15 (flickr)

And here is a photograph taken in 1997 of the author in front of the store.

The Author In Front of Berry Bros. & Rudd, 1997

The Wine Merchants of Eugene Atget

After looking for coins to include in my recent Greek post I became interested in looking at other wine related images.  I noticed a book of photographs by Eugene Atget that my mom gave me while I was in college.  I flipped through the pages and was delighted to find pictures of wine merchants.  For this post I have put together a small collection of these wine merchant images.  There are other images of restaurants and cafes that feature window advertisements for wine, liquor, cider, and absinthe that I might use for a future post.  But that post must wait as I am now curious to find an image of Berry Brothers & Rudd, London from the same period.  The images in this post were sourced from The George Eastman House Collection, Institute national d’histoire de l’art, and the Bibliotheque nationale de France,

Marchand de Vins, Rue Charles V, Eugene Atget, 1900-1927

Grille de Marchand de Vins, Rue des Ciseaux, Eugene Atget, 1900-1927

Grille de Marchand de Vins, 3 Rue de l’larbalète, Eugene Atget, 1900-1927

Enseignes et Vieilles Boutiques du Vieux Paris, Eugene Atget

18 Rue des Canettes, Eugene Atget, 1899

Au Solei d’Or, Place de l’Ecoles, Eugene Atget, 1902

Marchand des Vin, Eugene Atget

Marchand de vin rue Boyer, Eugene Atget