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One Liter of Slovenian Deliciousness

The 2018 Ptuj Winery, Pullus, Halozan, White Wine, Slovenia must be one of the best white-wine buys in the entire store.  John at MacArthur Beverages recommended it as a crazy blend and I now recommend it as a wine to drink over the course of an entire work week.  While it is intended to be drunk as a spritzer with mineral water, I find it quite good all on its own.  There are plenty of ripe, white fruit flavors, a chalky middle, and crisp acidity.  Incredibly, it lasts for days in the fridge.  Give it a try!


2018 Ptuj Winery, Pullus, Halozan, White Wine, Slovenia – $13 for 1L
Imported by Vinum USA.  This wine is a varying blend of at least Welschriesling and Rhine Riesling, White Pinot,  Chardonnay, Furmint, Sauvignon and Muscat. Alcohol 11.5%.  A light green, straw color.  In the mouth are ripe flavors of white tree round which are lively with crisp acidity.  There is a chalky, honeysuckle flavored middle and touch of lees in the finish.  It finishes clean.  *** Now – 2022.

A must-try sparkling wine: 2017 Kobal Wines, Penina Rose Brut from Slovenia

Since John first recommended the 2017 Kobal Wines, Penina Rose Brut, Ptuj, Slovenia I have purchased nearly a case of it to drink at home and to share with my family.  This is a sparkling rose wine made from Blaufrankisch.  It has a bit of everything such that is satisfies both casual and serious drinkers.  Grab a few bottles this weekend from MacArthur Beverages.

2017 Kobal Wines, Penina Rose Brut, Ptuj, Slovenia – $19
Imported by Vinum USA. Alcohol 12%. A light color of dried roses. Strong, spaced out bubbles bring immediate flavors of toast and baking spiced fruit. There are cranberry fruit flavors but dark red fruits lurk as well. This is a dry wine with stone notes towards the finish. Quite satisfying right now. I particularly like how the ripe baking spices mix with the bubbles on the tongue. *** Now – 2020.