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A trio of recent French wines

December 12, 2014 Leave a comment

The wines of Marcel Lapierre need no introduction for any fan of Beaujolais.  For those who do not know his wines, simply put the 2013 Marcel Lapierre, Morgon  is a wine that you will want to drink glass after glass right away.  This is a great wine to drink on all of the upcoming holiday afternoons grab a few bottles.  Michel Chapoutier recently teamed up with Michelin starred chef Yannick Alléno to produce wine from two vineyards in the northern Rhone.  The bottle of 2012 Yannick Alléno & Michel Chapoutier, Crozes Hermitage represents their second released vintage.  The nose is gorgeous right now with its meaty red fruit.  The flavors in the mouth are setup to benefit from short-term aging.  You cannot do any harm by trying a bottle right now but be sure to leave a few more in the cellar or fridge.  The 2010 Domaine de Magalanne, Cuvee Lou Biou, Cotes du Rhone Villages Signargues left me somewhat confused.  There seemed to be a disjoint between the maturity of the aromas and flavors with the toast aromas and obvious structure.  Maybe wait until next year for the structure to calm down?  These wines were purchased at MacArthur Beverages.


2013 Marcel Lapierre, Morgon – $32
Imported by Kermit Lynch.  This wine is 100% Gamay sourced from 60% year old vines on granitic soils that was fermented with indigenous yeasts then aged in old Burgundy barrels.  Alcohol 12%.  There were flavors of cranberry and tart cherry in one seamless, slightly dense wine.  The flavors became somewhat tart by the finish with citrus notes and low-lying ripe tannins in the aftertaste.  This wine was so easy to drink.  *** Now-2019.


2012 Yannick Alléno & Michel Chapoutier, Crozes Hermitage – $25
Imported by Classic Wines.  This wine is 100% Syrah that was aged 12-15 months in vats. Alcohol 13%.  The nose echoed the meaty red fruit in the mouth.   With air the fruit brightened up taking on floral notes and a more stand-up nature.  There was plenty of acidity in the middle along with a more mineral quality towards the finish.  The wine had a rounded edge and was a touch juicy.  Tastes like it is made from the younger vines.  **(*) Now-2020.


2010 Domaine de Magalanne, Cuvee Lou Biou, Cotes du Rhone Villages Signargues – $20
Imported by Classic Wines.  This wine is an approximate blend of 60% Syrah, 30% Mourvedre, and 10% Grenache.  Alcohol 13%.  The nose revealed two personalities with both mature aromas and toast.  In the mouth were slightly tart flavors of black fruit and dry, giving a not quite hollow effect.  The structure was spiced and left drying tannins on the gums.  The wine needs a little air to show a mature, refreshing aftertaste.  ** Now-2018.


Five Young Wines from Cotes du Rhone, Roussillon, and Herault

I found myself in Friendship Heights last month and being in need of some drinking wine I stopped by Paul’s.  I walked out with five different bottles, the first four of which I recommend.  These wines are on the young side so they should show best next year.  The 2010 Domaine Les Genstas, Signargues had a beautiful nose but needs the palate to relax from some bottle age.  Domaine Tramontane is the project of Philippe Gard and Andy Cook.  These names might sound familiar because Philippe Gard owns Coume del Mas.  You may read some of my thoughts on the 2003 and 2004 vintages in my post Coume del Mas, Collioure.  I thought their 2011 Domaine Tramontane, Cotes du Roussillon has promising future at an attractive price. The 2009 Domaine Gardies, Les Millères was young and serious, also the driest of the lot. The 2010 Pic & Chapoutier, Cotes du Rhone was a young, pure, and clean Cotes du Rhone.  These wines were purchased at Paul’s Wine and Spirits.


2010 Les Vignerons D’Estezargues, Domaine Les Genestas, Cotes du Rhone Villages Signargues – $17
A Jenny & Francois Selections imported by USA Wine Imports.  This wine is a blend of 40% Grenache, 35% Syrah, and 15% Carignan sourced from 20-80 year old vines.  The fruit was fermented with indigenous yeasts then aged for 10 months in enamel lined tanks.  Alcohol 14.5%.  The nose developed nicely with fresh berries, baking spice…really quite nice.  In the mouth were fresh fruit flavors tart with minerals before a firm/serious middle.  The acidity was seamlessly integrated before coming to a graphite finish.  The wine seems to firm up with air.  There was a little citrus not in the finish and aftertaste.  This remained a beautiful wine that needs a little time in the bottle.  **(*) 2014-2019.


2011 Domaine Tramontane, Cotes du Roussillon – $15
Imported by Weygandt-Metzler.  This wine is 100% old-vine Grenache.  Alcohol 14.5%.  The nose begun a little reduced then revealed subtle aromas of pungent black fruit.  In the mouth there was controlled, dense, young black fruit then pungent red and black fruit with some ripeness.  Young fruit now but a fine future ahead.   It had a cool nature, a little ripeness, and expansion in the mouth.  **(*) 2014-2020.


2009 Domaine Gardies, Les Millères, Cotes du Roussillon Villages – $19
Imported by Williams Corner Wine.  This wine is a blend of 40% Grenache, 35% Syrah, 20% Carignan, and 5% Mourvedre.  It was aged for 12 months in 50% cuve béton and 50% demi-muids. Alcohol 13.5%.  The light nose bore blue fruit and a little wood note.  In the mouth this was a good, young wine that was serious but tastes of some young vines.  The blue fruit was a little ripe, with some weight, then acidity and drier flavors in the back of the mouth.  There was some extract and noticeable acidity in the finish.  **(*) Now-2020.


2010 Pic & Chapoutier, Cotes du Rhone – $16
Imported by Nice Legs.  Alcohol 14%.  The nose bore some young, assertive aromas.  There were young flavors in the mouth and firm tannins with black minerals.  The wine played it close in the middle but had a good aftertaste.  There were pure and clean flavors followed by very fine, ripe, black fruited texture in the aftertaste.  Good future.  *** 2014-2019.


2009 Le Chemin Des Reves, Saltimbanque, Carignan, VdP De L’Herault – $13
Imported by USA Wine Imports.  This wine is 100% old-vine Carignan.  Alcohol 14%.  The nose was of raspberry and pungent red fruit aromas along with some black fruit.  There was a certain firmness to the black fruit then a powdery ripeness as the wine became all-around approachable.  There were smooth tannins integrated with the acidity, and a hint of earth.  There was some softness but not too much, for drinking now.  ** Now-2015.


Two Wines from Signargues

These two wines were produced by Etienne Gonnet of Domaine Font de Michelle.  The family has produced Chateauneuf du Pape since 1950 at the 19th century farmhouse in Bedarrides.  In 2002 the estate was expanded into the Cotes du Rhone and Cotes du Rhone Villages Signargues where the wine is produced under the La Font du Vent label.  These two selections are from Signargues and are produced at the winery  in Bedarrides.  Signargues was granted status in 2005.  This appellation is a 420 hectare plateau located between the four communes of Domazan, Estezargues, Rochefort du Gard, and Saze.  This makes it the most southern.  Located at 150 meters the soils are composed of round pebbles on sand or reddened clay.  Only red wines are allowed to carry the designation and they must consist of at least 50% Grenache, at least 20% Syrah or Mourvedre, and at most 20% other varietals.

Both of these wines are balanced offerings from the 2007 vintage and are drinking well.  My preference is for the Confidentia which shows a bit more complexity. The Notre Passion is available at Bradley Food & Beverage.  The Confidentia is available at MacArthur Beverages.

2007 La Font du Vent, Notre Passion, Cotes du Rhone Villages Signargues – $17
Imported by Robert Kacher Selections.  This wine is a blend of 50% Grenache and 50% Syrah sourced from vineyards on the Domazan heights.  Tasted over two nights the nose revealed some red fruit with green house aromas.  There was a good mouthfeel to the red and black fruit.  With plenty of acidity the flavors expanded in the mouth turning towards black fruit and licorice in the finish.  This mid-weight wine has integrated tannins which are slightly drying.  It strikes a bit of a resinous notes.  ** Now-2017.

2007 La Font du Vent, Confidentia, Cotes du Rhone Villages Signargues – $16
Imported by Robert Kacher Selections.  This wine is a blend of 70% Syrah and 30% Grenache which was aged in used oak casks.  With a medium+ color of ruby with a dark blackberry core there is a note of delicate, bright berries.  In the mouth there is focused black and tart red fruit, a bit of suppleness, red citrus flavors, and tangy acidity.  With air a lavender and herb note develops along with some mixed berry ripeness.  *** Now-2017.

Two From Cotes du Rhone Villages and One From Wagram

October 24, 2011 1 comment

I periodically take a look through my tasting notes to find wines that I have accidentally skipped over.  I came across these three wines which were tasted during August and September.  We have drunk several bottles of the Domaine Andezon since its release.  While it is not my type of Rhone wine, it offers good value and will certainly please dinner guests.  The Domaine Piaugier is pure Counoise which makes it interesting because this is typically blended into wine.  Tablas Creek finds that Counoise balances the strong tannins of Syrah but in this wine the tannins overpower the fruit.  For this reason I would pass on this wine.   After enjoying the 2008 Weingut Leth Fels, Roter Veltliner I tried the affordable Gruner Veltliner.  While the Gruner is a good wine I would recommend spending the extra $2 to purchase the Roter.

These wines were purchased at MacArthurs.  The Domaine Andezon is available for $16 and the Weingut Leth is available for $14.  The Piaugier cost $15-$20 but is no longer available.

2007 Domaine Andezon, Granacha Vieilles Vignes, Cotes du Rhone Villages, Signargues
This wine is 100% Grenache produced from 80+ year old vines.  The wine is aged for eight months with 50% in used barrels and 50% in tank.  It was bottled unfined, unfiltered, and without sulphur.  This wine has candy like flavors.  The blue fruit is complemented by sweet spice with lifted perfume throughout. It is medium bodied with rich flavors, some lipstick notes but the fruit is a bit too candy-like for me.  I would never guess this is from the Rhone. ** Now-2017.

2005 Domaine de Piaugier, Tenebi, Cotes du Rhone Villages, Sablet
This wine is 100% Counoise sourced from 55-year-old vines.  This wine is aged for two winters in one to four-year old oak barriques.  On the second night the fruit is better developed but there are still ample, super fine tannins.  This wine has very clean red fruit flavors with some hints of Strawberry sweetness and tart notes.  On the third day the fruit puts on an enjoyable powdery quality.  But in the end, the power of the tannins far outstrip the fruit. * Now-2017.

2010 Weingut Leth Fels, Gruner Veltliner, Steinagrund, Lagenreserve, Wagram
This wine lasted well over three days.  There is a crisp, light nose of white fruits.  In the mouth this bright wine has apple-like fruit that is crisp with acidity and a tart in flavor.  This assertive wine has a nice texture and mixes in pleasing minerals.  It is a good wine but I prefer their Roter Veltliner. ** Now.