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Domingo Molino and Durigutti From Argentina

In light of Andy’s Hand-Carried Malbec from Mendoza tasting I thought it would be fun to feature three wines produced by Bodega Domingo Molino and Familia Durigutti.  Domingo Molino is located in the Salta Province which is found at the northern end of Argentina.  These are truly high altitude wines since the vineyards are located between 6,600 and 7,400 feet in elevation!  Some wineries have even higher elevation vineyards making them the highest in the world.  Some 600-700 miles south lies Mendoza where the Durigutti is located.  The fruit for this wine is sourced from the La Consulta vineyard which is located at 3,300 feet in elevation.

Apparently Salta is known for its Torrontes and upon first sniff of the 2012 Hermanos, Torrontes I could smell why.   It is aromatic, flavorful, and tasty making it my favorite of the three.  I was surprised as I am generally a red wine lover.  The 2011 Hermanos, Malbec-Tannat has a distinct cocoa aroma and flavor.  Despite being from very high elevation vineyards, the coolness must be tempered by the abundance of sunlight for it was a touch too lush for me.  Jenn preferred it, in terms of the two reds, for me one glass at a time was fine.  The 2008 Valle las Nencias, Malbec seems to have defied its extra bottle age for the floral Violets have a youthful delicacy and coolness.  It was my favorite of the two red wines.  My recommendation is that at this price range you should try all three.  These wines are available at MacArthur Beverages.


2012 Bodega Domingo Molino, Hermanos, Torrontes, Valle de Cafayate, Salta – $14
Imported by Vine Connections.  This wine is 100% Torrontes sourced from 25-year-old ungrafted vines sourced from vineyards at 5,600 feet.  It was vinified in stainless steel  The medium strength nose was very aromatic with nuts and a hint of peach.  The mouth follows the nose with a crisp entry of fruit then builds in flavor and expands with weight.  It became tart on the sides of the tongue with midpalate white fruit, minerals, and lemon.  Good length.  *** Now-2014.


2011 Bodega Dominogo Molino, Hermanos, Malbec-Tannat, Valle de Cafayate, Salta – $14
Imported by Vine Connections.  This wine is a blend of 70% Malbec and 30% Tannat.  Alcohol 13.9%.  The nose was light+ with sweet fruit aromas, cocoa, and heavy berries.  The mouth began with cocoa flavored fruit, red and black, vanilla, and an almost lush personality.  It was even more lush on the second night but a little vein of black perfumed fruit gave the wine focus.  ** Now-2014.


2008 Familia Durigutti, Valle las Nencias, Malbec Reserva – Mendoza – $12
Imported by Bertin Henry Imports.  This wine is 100% Malbec sourced from 16-year-old ungrafted  vines from the La Consulta vineyard located at 1000m.  It was fermented with indigenous yeasts then aged for 8-12 months in used French oak.  Alcohol 14.2%.  The nose was light with a little perfume, floral notes, and a touch of smoke.  With air some berries came out.  In the mouth there was grapey, black fruit which followed the nose with floral flavors evocative of violets.  It took on some weight and blacker fruit towards the finish.  There were grapey tannins in this elegant, cooler Malbec.  ** Now-2015.