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A pair of Port from Cockburn’s

December 18, 2015 Leave a comment

The stains on the label of the tawny Port did not come from an enthusiastic drinking session at my house.  Instead, they were earthquake induced as they came from the Earthquake Cellar.  Surprisingly enough, both of these wines were bottled in 1999 so they have seen some age.  The fruit of the 1995 Cockburn’s, Late Bottled Vintage, Porto still tasted young but the wine seemed tempered by time.  All it needed was a bit of air and it became a rather good drink!   On the other hand, our bottle of NV Cockburn’s, 10 Year Tawny Port, Porto was not as interesting for it was too spirituous.  I have no complaints given the prices.  These wines were purchased at BP Wine.


1995 Cockburn’s, Late Bottled Vintage, Porto – $19
Imported by Allied Domecq Wines.  Alcohol 20%.  Bottled in 1999.  The cherry pie flavors were sweet, dense, and full of youthful fruit.  There was a fine+ texture to the wine with sweetness and salivating acidity.  Clearly more fruity there was enough supportive wood for the youthful quality of the fruit.  It was a touch spirituous in the finish of this wine which was seemingly tempered by bottle age.  *** Now – 2025.


NV Cockburn’s, 10 Year Tawny Port, Porto – $11
Imported by Allied Domecq Wines.  Alcohol 20%.  Bottled in 1999.  This eventually fleshed out to reveal ripe and round flavors of dried fruit with baking spices.  Though attractively racy at first there was a distracting amount of heat in the end which.  ** Now.


Port For the Holidays

December 27, 2012 Leave a comment

Since I was young a bottle of Warre’s Nimrod Tawny was always opened at Christmas time.  While I now drink port throughout the year I still very much enjoy it during the holidays for it naturally falls into the spirit of things.  This year I forgot to stock up on tawny port for the holidays.  I thought I had a bottle of tawny somewhere but could not find it so I opted for this Late Bottled Vintage.  Berry Bros & Rudd has a large selection of wines and spirits under the Berrys’ Own Selection.  This bottle of Port was produced by Quinta do Noval for Berry Bros and was bottled in 2005.  Jenn and I purchased it during the summer of 2006 from their store at Heathrow Airport.  Tasted over three nights it was lovely and another reminder of how much we love Port.  I wish our basement was full of it!  The current 2007 vintage retails for 17 Pounds so this was most likely a good buy!


1999 Berry Bros & Rudd, Berrys’ Own Selection, Late Bottled Vintage, Port
Imported by Berry Bros & Rudd.  Alcohol 19.5%.  Dark grapey purple.  A nose of plummy, deep red fruit is youthful with hints of wood box.  In the mouth youthful, concentrated ripe fruit has good texture and integrated acidity which keeps it fresh.  The sides of the tongue salivate.  There is a lovely wood box component which provides a hint of maturity.  Easily drinkable now but there is good power and balance for additional aging.   ***(*) Now-2032.