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A Pair of Italian Wines Imported by Banville & Jones Wine Merchants

This week we tasted an interesting pair of Italian wines imported by Banville & Jones Wine Merchants.  When it comes to Italian white wines I often have absolutely no idea on what to expect.  While this might demonstrate ignorance to some I find it drives my curiosity.  The 2012 San Salvatore, Pian di Stio, Paestum Fiano  is packaged in an attractively proportioned squat half-liter bottle.  Everyone commented on the bottle shape instead of the graphic of the water buffalo.  The San Salvatore winery is located near the Cilento National Park towards the bottom third of Italy.  To respect the land it is farmed biodynamically and biologically.  This includes the use of horndung, other homemade fertilizers, copper, and sulphur.  This particular bottle is named after a plateau, presumably where the fruit is sourced from, in one of the vineyards.  With just a brief amount of air this becomes an attractive wine, offering up ample aromas of flint and flavors of white citrus.  I have never drunk Fiano before but both Jenn and I liked it.  I did not detect any copper notes.

The second wine we tasted was produced by Kellerei Cantina Andrian which is located in the top north-east portion of Italy.  Cantina Andrian was founded in 1893 as the first cooperative in the Alto Adige but absorbed into Cantina Terlano in 2008.  Despite this combination the wines are produced separately and to good effect.  The 2012 Kellerei Cantina Andrian, Rubeno, Lagrein, Alto Adige is an outright tasty wine to drink.   I would stock up on this wine for warm summer nights.  Your palate will not get fatigued and when you find the bottom of the bottle you will be pleased to find it has a lower alcohol content. Drink it on a warm summer night. These wines are available at MacArthur Beverages.


2012 San Salvatore, Pian di Stio, Paestum Fiano, Campania – $23 (500 mL)
Imported by Banville & Jones Wine Merchants.  This wine is 100% Fiano sourced from six year old vines located on calcareous clay soils at 1300-1480 feet.  The wine is raised and aged for 10 months in stainless steel.  Alcohol 13%.  There was a pure nose of minerals and flint with very white fruit.  In the mouth were clean flavors of white citrus fruit that had a creamy surrounding.  The fruit mixed with stone notes and left a light texture in the aftertaste.  *** Now-2015.


2012 Kellerei Cantina Andrian, Rubeno, Lagrein, Alto Adige – $17
Imported by Banville & Jones Wine Merchants.  This wine is 100% Lagrein sourced from red clay soils with gravel and stones located at 250 meters.  It was fermented in stainless steel the underwent malolactic fermentation and aging in large oak casks.  Alcohol 13%.  The red fruit was not quite bright and though lighter in flavor it had density to it.  The tart acidity was plentiful and mixed with black fruit flavors on the sides of the tongue.  Quite enjoyable and very easy to drink.  ** Now-2015.