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Buying Wine in Ocean City, MD

September 6, 2011 Leave a comment

We usually bring our own supplies to the beach.  There are beer and coolers to enjoy on the beach, bubbly to start off the evening, and a mixture of daily drinkers that taste just fine out of teeny tiny wine glasses.  But what do you do if you need more bottles of wine?  There is certainly an ample selection of stores selling cases of beer and bottles of liquor.  You could head up to 94th Street to shop and dine at Liquid Assets.  This is probably the largest wine selection in Ocean City.  If you are heading into Ocean City you can both gas up and buy wine at The Wine Rack/Exxon located on Route 50.

When Jenn returned from buying a soda she told me that I might want to take a look as they sold a lot of wine.  Sure enough the inside is like no other gas station I have been to, the vast majority of the space is dedicated to wine.  You may find wine by the gallon, box, or magnum.  Or you may step it up a bit and buy good, contemporary selections.  I saw 2009 Aubichon Pinot Noir, 2004 Joh. Jos. Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spatlese, 1999 Chateau Simmard St. Emillion, 2010 Weingut Leth Gruenr Vetliner, amongst others.  I walked away with the L.A. Cetto, Petite Sirah, from Mexcio and the 2005 Ridge, Syrah, Lytton West.

Wine Rack and Exxon Signs

The Store Front

Almost All Wine!

Anthony’s Beer & Wine is a store and deli on 33rd Street that is not to be missed.  They have been around for over 35 years featuring a diverse selection of beer and wine along with a gigantic list of sandwiches.  I recommend that you place an order for some sandwiches then shop for liquid refreshments while you wait.  If you want to splurge there are bottles of Ridge Monte Bellow back to 1994, bottles of both Dunn Napa Valley and Howell Mountain back to 1998, and 1999 Mayacamas.  There are even cases of Boone’s Snow Creek Berry for $4.99.  If those extremes are not suitable then there are plenty of other bottles to be purchased.  The beer selection is good as well including the recently available New Belgium Brewing, Fat Tire Amber Ale and four different selections from the Maui Brewing Company.  If you are not in Ocean City then I recommend you visit the Anthony’s website to check out the old photographs on the About page.

The Entrance

Dancing Cans and Bottle

The Wine Selection

Bottles of Dunn

Bottles of Ridge Monte Bello


Drinking Wine in Ocean City, MD

September 5, 2011 Leave a comment

I like to boogie board and lay out in the bright sun when I am at the beach.  Once I am hot I find that a beer or hard lemonade is quite refreshing.  But once I change for dinner I crave wine.  Ocean City, Maryland is full of family friendly restaurants appealing to masses of visitors and does not have the level of cooking that you may find at Rehoboth, Delaware.  I do not mind as my daughter goes to bed early so even a timely dinner may be tricky.  Last year we had a surprisingly good dinner at Fager’s Island where you may find a thorough and fairly priced wine list with over 500 selections.   This year I decided to pay attention to what we drank during two of our meals.

Ocean City, View From the Ferris Wheel

JR’s the place for RIBS has been around since 1980 in its original form.  My entire family loves ribs so four generations, grandmother, mother, wife, and daughter were happy eating ribs and licking fingers.  The wine list is succinct with several varietal selections from “The Wines of Mondavi.”  This completely eliminates any stress from selecting a vintage or a producer.  Simple pick a flavor then decide how much you want to drink!  Available by the glass, half-carafe, and carafe we opted for a carafe of Chardonnay for the friendly price of $15-$16.  Both the carafe and “cut” wine glasses are a complete throw back.  The wine went down well-enough with its tilt towards tropical and citrus flavors.

The JR’s Sign

Front of the Restaurant

The Author With Wine

My daughter loves spaghetti and meatballs so it was natural to dine out at Trattoria Lombardi’s.  This is a classic red-sauce joint where the pasts is proudly De Cecco.  The meals are a variation of thoroughly fried calamari followed by pizza and pasta.  The food is a mixture of frozen (the calamari) and fresh (the red sauce and pesto).  The pasta is cooked al dente and lasagna is made with bechamel then buried in red sauce.  It is popular and loud.  The wine list consists of Italian varietals from an unspecified producer by the carafe and three selections by the bottle.  Troubled about drinking a wine based on varietal alone we stepped it up and opted for a bottle.  I picked the 2006 St. Francis, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma County for $28.  It was thoroughly pleasing with nothing wrong.  So much so that I completely focused on having fun during the meal and have no recollection of what the wine tasted like!

Trattoria Lombardi’s SignTrattoria Lombardi’s Front

Trattoria Lombardi’s Front

Shoes and Shirts Required

The Menu

Carry Out and Bar

Happy Diners

The Author Pouring Wine

2006 St. Francis, Cabernet Sauvignon