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Wine For French Troops During the Gallipoli Campaign, April 1915-January 1916

July 31, 2014 1 comment

“Wine for the French troops at the Dardanelles about to be shipped.” [1]


“A view of Mudros harbour on Lemnos. In the foreground is the French wine store and in background, the French hospital.” [2]


“French sailors (of a warship Gaudan ?) celebrating the blowing up of a Turkish battery with a number of bottles of wine.” [3]


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Penfold & Co’s Wine Label (ca. 1881-ca. 1900)

An old Penfold’s wine label!


[1] Troedel & Co (1881). Penfold & Co’s Adelaide Wines. Dr. Penfold’s Grange Vineyard near Adelaide S.A.  State Library of Victoria. URL:

French soldiers removing the wines from the cellars in Amiens into lorries. (1918)

July 29, 2014 1 comment

This photograph by Tom Aitken shows French troops loading wooden cases of wine into a lorry for transportation to a safe location.  This photograph is believed to have been taken during the German Spring Offensive of 1918 when the town of Amiens feared German occupation.  The Allied counterattack of August 1918 eliminated the threat.


Aitken, Tom.  French soldiers removing the wines from the cellars in Amiens into lorries. 1918. National Library of Scotland. URL:

Uncorking Old Sherry

July 28, 2014 1 comment

James Gillray’s Uncorking Old Sherry (1805) is a particularly memorable image even at a visual level.  This political satire was published just days after a debate between Prime Minister William Pitt and Richard Brinsley Sheridan.  In this image Richard Brinsley Sheridan is caricatured as a bottle of Sherry that William Pitt has just uncorked.  Instead of producing a lovely bottle of wine, out spews a collection of “Old Puns”, “Lame Puns”, and “Fibs, Fibs, Fibs”.


Uncorking Old Sherry. Gillray, James. March 10, 1805. Museum Number 1851,0901.1165.  The British Museum.