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Two Wines From Moldova

September 10, 2011 Leave a comment

It has been a very long time since I last drank a wine from Moldova, I suspect at least fifteen years.  When I saw the Chateau Vartely sitting on a corner at MacArthur’s I asked Phil about it.  He said it reminded him of an old-school Cabernet Sauvignon.  Tim pointed out the Cuvee Victoria sparkler saying that he heard it was a decent drink.  Both of these cost around $13 per bottle so I grabbed them.  If you have never drunk a wine from Moldova or want to bring a surprise bottle to a friend’s house then I recommend the Chateau Vartely.  Jenn liked the Acorex, Cuvee Victoria and finished off the bottle over the course of the week.  I am not a lover of bubbles the way Jenn is so if you are up for a very dry bottle then give it a go!

2007 Chateau Vartely, Cabernet Sauvignon, Colectie Rezervata, Calitate Matur
This wine was commended by Decanter Magazine in 2010 and received two out of five stars.  There are flavors of soft, dark fruit, some juicy black berry flavors, old wood notes, some toasted, and ripe black plum in the finish.  While it could use more acidity to liven it up, it is a tasty lighter style of wine to be drunk now.  It definitely reminds me of mature, old-school Cali-Cab. ** Now.

2003 Acorex Wind Holding, Blanc de Blanc, Cuvee Victoria, Cahul
This wine was a little off-putting at first.  Once the stink blew off there was a yeasty nose, with some fresh fruit lurking within.  A young wine with bubbles that were a bit hard.  This is a very dry wine. ** Now.