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Deep and mature Kalecik Karasi from Turkey

This 2014 Vinkara Winery, Kalecik Karasi, Kalecik is a fine follow-on to the 2013 vintage which I reviewed here.  In fact, I like it even better for it is deep and mineral without the prickle.  I imagine that if you like a maturing, dark Cotes du Rhone then you will enjoy this wine very much.  I find it drinking well right now but will last a few more years.  It is a steal at $15.  Thanks to John for pointing this out at MacArthur Beverages.

2014 Vinkara Winery, Kalecik Karasi, Kalecik, Ankara – $15
Imported by Fine Terroir Selections. This wine is 100% Kalecik Karasi that was aged for 12 months in stainless steel tanks. Alcohol 14%.  Deep aromas on the nose followed by deep fruit in the mouth with fresh acidity and some tang to keep it lively.  This is a well-balanced wine with a mineral cut in the middle followed by good, robust fruit.  Dark and different, it even takes on some licorice.  *** Now – 2023.

I Try A Wine Made From Okuzgozu and Bogazkere

Vintage Advertising, Image from Kavaklidere Winery

During my visit to Total Wine in Virginia I checked out the alternative selection of wines where I grabbed the sole Turkish selection.  I have been curious to try a Turkish wine for some time so I opened the bottle last night.  The wine started off very dry with closely played flavors and obvious acidity.  Within half an hour it opened up nicely to show attractive flavors, balance, and texture.  Both Jenn and I had an enjoyable time drinking this wine and recommend you try a bottle.  I will certainly try other wines from Kavakliedere.

Vineyard in Elazig, Image from Kavaklidere Winery

It turns out that Kavakliedere Winery is a well established winery founded in 1929 by Cenap And.  Today there are almost 600 hectares of vineyards located in five regions along with three substantial wineries.  These modern wineries employ stainless steel and French oak barrels.  This Yakut wine is part of the Classic series.  Included in the blend are the indigenous grapes Okuzgozu and Bogazkere.  Okuzgozu has a long history of use in wines and as a table grape.  With soft tannins, high acidity, and red fruit aromas it is used in both wines for drinking now or aging.  Bogazkere is considered a serious varietal with high tannin along with earthy and animal aromas.  This Okuzgozu used in this wine is sourced from the 23 hectare Elazig vineyards.  Located at 920 meters the continental climate is moderated by the nearby Kerban Dam Lake.  The red soils are composed of sand and clay loams with gravel.

2010 Kavaklidere Winery, Yakut, Okuzgozu d’Elazig, Ankara – $13
Imported by Stefano Selections.  This wine is a blend of Okuzgozu, Bogazkere, Carignan, and Alicante sourced from vineyards in Eastern Anatolia and the Aegean regions.  The nose was light with grapey aromas and powdery texture.  In the mouth the grapey flavors are of black fruits.  There is a softness which puts on weight in the middle with a touch of sweet fruit, juicy acidity, and decent texture.  The sweet tannins are drying with a powdery calcium mineral note in the finish.  This modern, clean wine is well made.  ** Now-2015.