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The 2012 Wine Blog Awards Are Accepting Nominations

The 2012 Wine Blog Awards are now open!  If you enjoy reading this blog then please consider nominating it!  Nominations will be accepted through 30 May 2012.

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As July Winds to an End

Bottles to be Photographed

With the Baer Winery post published, I have  caught up on all of my Woodinville tasting notes.  Over the next several weeks I will focus on publishing the huge back log of tasting notes.  Or at least most of them!  Over the last month we have plundered our basement wine cellar to inform you about such Northwest Wineries as: Bunnell Family, Cullin Hills, Scott Paul, Buty, Twelve Wine, and Syncline.  Next week Lou and I will taste the inaugural vintage from JP Neufeld along with a selection from DeLille, Quilceda Creek, Gramercy, and others. 

Wines to be Tasted

For the European wines I will post notes on the budget priced Castillo de Monjardin, new selections from Domaine Leon Barral and Ermitage Pic St Loup, Bertrande-Berge Cuvee Jean Sirvan, and multiple vintages of  Hexamer Riesling Quarzit.  We’ll also crack open some older vintages of Tardieu-Laurent, Charbonniere, and St. Cosme.  If a bottle is in our basement cellar than it is fair game as a subject for this blog!

I finally plan to experiment with Argon, Carbon Dioxide, and Nitrogen.  My efforts at preserving opened bottles of wine simply consist of shoving the cork back into the bottle then placing the bottle in our kitchen fridge.  That tends to work reasonably well but now I will start using Private Preserve.

Whisky Rocks in a Wine Glass!!!

We will see what happens when Whisky Rocks are placed in wine.  They are a gift from my mom who thought they might be essential for the incredibly hot and humid Washington, DC weather.

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One Last Push for the Facebook Page

Thanks to Julie’s awesome work there are now 23 likes for the “Hogsheadwine” page on Facebook.    I only need two more likes so that I may get a direct link to the page.  So if you enjoy reading this blog and you have a Facebook account please search for “Hogsheadwine” and Like it!!!

Thank you!

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An Additional Web Address

I have purchased the domain so that you may access the blog with even less typing.  You may access the blog through the original address or the new address.

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