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Title page from Daniel Rhagor’s Pflantz-Gart (1639)

Title page from Daniel Rhagor’s Pflantz-Gart (1639). Image from UB Bern. [1]

Daniel Rhagor (1577-1648) was an administrator of a wine-vault, governor, and horticulturist.  His publication of Pflantz-Gart (1639) marks the first systematic guide to the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, and grapevines in Switzerland.  In this post I reproduce the title page as it is the only illustration in the book.  Down in the bottom-right corner, you will see an illustration of a grapevine climbing up a stake bearing fruit in the foreground.  It appears in the same form as other 16th and 17th century German wine books.  In the background appears a vineyard on a steep hill.

The text, stemming from both contemporary knowledge and classic sources, is largely in German with a good dose of Latin.  At the end of each chapter are corollaria where we see Rhagor’s sources include the French.  Thus we learn that Vinum novellum, Newer Wein, and Vin nouveau are all the same.

[1] Rhagor, Daniel: Pflantz-Gart, darinn grundtlicher Bericht zufinden, welcher gestalten 1. Obs-Gärten, 2. Kraut-Gärten, 3. Wein-Gärten, mit Lust unnd Nutz anzustellen, zu […] : sampt zu End eines jeden Capitels beygefügter Verteutschung … lateinischer und frantzösischer Wörteren. Bern : bey Stephan Schmid : in Verlegung dess Auctoris, 1639. Universitätsbibliothek Bern, MUE Klein z 424, http://doi.org/10.3931/e-rara-21930 / Public Domain Mark

[2] Stuber, Martin. “From Pflantz-Gart (1639) to Stamm-Register (1865) – on the history of knowledge of fruit cultivation in the canton of Bern”


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