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“[A] real revelation for France”: Tasting notes for Lomelino Madeira wine at the 1882 Bordeaux International Wine Exhibition

Lomelino Madeira label with medals from Paris Exposition 1878 and Bordeaux Exposition 1882.

From time to time, bottles of Lomelino Madeira have been tasted at the annual Madeira events organized by Mannie Berk, The Rare Wine Co., and Roy Hersh, For The Love of Port.  My first experience came at the Bastardo & Moscatel – The Tasting (2017).  Here I tasted the 1858 Tarquinio T. da C. Lomelino, C. de B., Bastardo and 1836 Tarquinio T. da C. Lomelino, Bastardo.

According to Noel Cossart Madeira The Island Vineyard (2011) Tarquinio Torquato da Camara Lomelino took over the old firm of Robert Leal and started shipping Madeira under his own name in 1820.  For such an old firm I could not help but wonder if any old tasting notes survive.

Fortunate for us, Lomelino submitted a number of wines at the 1878 Exposition Universelle or third Paris World’s Fair.[1]  It is here that Commander Lomelino won the grand prize for his Madeira wines, an achievement for which he was awarded the Legion of Honor.[2]  He deservedly drew attention to his submissions at the Bordeaux International Wine Exhibition of 1882 at which the Revue des Vins et Liquers  took notes.  Lomelino exhibited wines from the 1802 to the 1877 vintages.  Of these the Revue commented on the following:

1802 Serial – “very dry with an exquisite perfume and delicacy”
1812 Verdelho – “dry and with a superior bouquet”
1824 and 1830 Boal – “medium sweet very agreable and full of body”
1830 Malvasia – “soft mellow delicat, and the most delicious one can imagine”
1844 Martinho – “dry and very fine”
1844 Camara de Lobos – “medium dry, remarkable for their exquisite bouquet”
1848 Boal, Sercial, and Malvasia – “irreproachable”
1868 Camara de Lobos and Sao Martinho – “recommend them selves by their delicate aromas”
1870 Quinta da Paz – “leaves nothing to be desired in the way of perfume and delicacy”

Though a number of these very same Lomelino vintages have appeared at recent auctions, these specific wines themselves have not, preventing the comparison of notes from across the centuries.

[1] –  Revue des vins et liqueurs et des produits alimentaires pour l’exportation. 1882. URL: http://catalogue.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/cb410434488

[2] Lomelino received a Gold Medal and the Island of Madeira received a Diploma of Honor equivalent to the Grand Medal.  See Catalogue officiel : liste des récompenses / Exposition universelle internationale de 1878, à Paris ; Ministère de l’agriculture et du commerce.  1878. URL: http://catalogue.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/cb33385079f

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