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Chapuis & Chapuis imported by Glou-Glou

I just tasted another round of wines imported by Jeffrey Snow of Glou-Glou Wines.  This pair of wines from Chapuis & Chapuis, produced by two brothers, are not made using the domain’s usual Burgundian fruit.  The 2016 weather laid waste to the plots the Chapuis brothers typically use so they looked further out.  In the case of what I tasted, to Cotes du Rhone for Grenache and Fronton for Negrette.

The brothers had never made wine from Grenache or Negrette before but that is not obvious.  For me the 2016 Chapuis & Chapuis, Grenat is all about texture.  This fresh wine takes several hours of air to open up but when it does you have a brighter example of ripe textured fruit with some luxurious fat.  It was bottled without sulphur so the extra CO2 adds a bit of spritz lending more to the texture.  The 2016 Chapuis & Chapuis, La Folle Noire drinks well the moment the cork is pulled.  This wine is all about a wet-earth aspect that pervades the aromas and flavors.   It adds good depth.  If it is unique flavor that you are after then the one wine you must certainly try is this bottle of Negrette.  You may pick up these wines are MacArthur Beverages.

2016 Chapuis & Chapuis, Grenat – $22
Imported by Glou-Glou Wines.  This wine is 100% Grenache sourced from 40 year old vines of Domaine du Moulin de Descattes of Cotes du Rhone.  No added SO2.  Alcohol 13.5%.  The nose offers finely textured aromas of tart, red fruit.  There is tart, red fruit in the mouth underpinned by a citric note.  There is a ripe-textured edge to the fruit which lasts through the fresh finish.  It takes several hours of air before the fat coated core of fruit expands leaving tart flavors all over the mouth.  *** Now – 2019.

2016 Chapuis & Chapuis, La Folle Noire – $22
Imported by Glou-Glou Wines.  This wine is 100% Negrette sourced from the 30 year old vines of Chateau Bonnet in Fronton.  Only a smidge of SO2.  Alcohol 13.5%.  There are finely textured aromas of wet earth and perfume which take on white pepper and with extended air become higher-toned.  The soil-earth tone pervades through the wine into the finish which is followed by an expansive, ethereal aftertaste.  The tannins lend pleasing structure supporting the hints of fat and riper fruit at the end.  *** Now – 2018.

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