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A modest LBV Port

I had forgotten about the bottle of 1985 Fortnum & Mason (J.W. Burmester), Late Bottled Vintage Port until a few weeks ago.  What a perfect choice then when a dinner guest asked for a glass of modest Port, it could be younger than the 1960s, he jokingly added.  After double-decanting the bottle it proved to be mature with an interesting combination of red fruit and marmalade.  With rounded body and some complexity it would deserve higher marks but for the distracting heat in the finish.  A solid glass but I would be tempted to grab a 10 year old Tawny.

1985 Fortnum & Mason (J.W. Burmester), Late Bottled Vintage Port
Bottled in 1989.  Alcohol 20%.  A not unattractive nose of sour red cherries.  In the mouth are ripe, red fruit and marmalade flavors mixed with brown sugar sweetness, wood notes, and baking spices.  It is a rounded wine with moderately sweet body.  In the finish there are tart red berries and unfortunately some distracting heat.  ** Now – 2022.

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