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Early Candidates for WOTY Whites!

David Bloch describes an incredible pair of white wines.


2007 Vincent Dauvissat, Chablis 1er Cru Le Forest
A remarkably great bottle of wine.  White Burgundy (and I do include Chablis as it too has suffered from the various ills of the bottles from that region) can be very hit or miss.  This was a direct hit.  A wine that transcends the vintage and is “just” a Premier Cru.  This is a wine with a hugely powerful nose of tidal pool; that ocean/sea water that gives away place.  The wine is silky and exhibits notes of saline and citrus in the mouth, along with some bracing acidity and a mineral spine carrying through the mid-palate.  Very long and complete.  A great perkiness and tang linger in the mouth long after the last sip is gone.


2013 Domaine Vacheron, Sancerre
This is one of the best wines I’ve had in 2016.  Salty rocks.  Flint.  Crushed stones.  Minerals galore.  Then a heavy dose of various citrus flavors and aromas.  Virtually no resemblance to the Sauvignon Blanc grape that one expects from the Loire.  Long, long, long.  This wine is so unique, so captivating.  The empty glass smells great well after the bottle is emptied.  I would love to see the vineyard where these grapes grow.  It must resemble a rock quarry!  This could pass for a top-flight bone dry German Kabinett.  Go figure.  But buy as much as you can.  A most unique and pleasurable rendition of a so-called Sancerre.

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