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The classic and timeless 1975 Bodegas Riojanas, Monte Real, Rioja Reserva

I am neck deep in wine research and as of this week, fortunate to have again drunk centuries worth of old wine.  As as proxy to all of this archival and liquid history I am publishing my tasting note for the 1975 Bodegas Riojanas, Monte Real, Rioja Reserva.  Jenn and I drank this bottle a few months back when we were still living in the old house.  I had packed up my empty bottles and recently found this bottle hiding in a box up in the attic of all places.


Mannie Berk (The Rare Wine Co) takes pride and makes it a point to source his wine from only the best cellars.  This high standard was clearly evident in our bottle which slowly blossomed over the course of our evening.  I am no expert in old wine, though my experience continues to accumulate, but you can tell a proper bottle by its freshness.  From the beautiful nose to the charming flavors, this bottle was an experience with a classic Rioja.  And like classic, well-stored Rioja, at 40 years of age this wine is only hitting its stride.  Incredible!  This wine was purchased from The Rare Wine Co.


1975 Bodegas Riojanas, Monte Real, Rioja Reserva
Imported by Vieux Vins.  This wine is 100% Tempranillo sourced from the Cenicero vineyards and was aged 24-30 months in American oak. Alcohol 11-14%.  The nose engaged with its fine aromas of mature red fruit backed by an orange hint.  With air a combination of roast earth and wood box scents came out.  The mouth followed with similar, fresh flavors of tart red fruits and ripe cranberry.  The acidity is spot-on and integrated.  It was a touch riper with air and finished with an attractive, earthy and eventually minerally, firmer finish.  The roast earth aromas also played a minor role in the aftertaste.  **** Now-2024+.


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