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The declining 1975 Chateau Fourcas-Hosten, Listrac

The 18th century estate of Chateau Fourcas-Hosten was acquired by a syndicate in 1971.  The previous owners left unsold vintages in casks in case there were any bulk orders in the future.  Unfortunately, this meant that quantities of 1966 had yet to be bottled when the syndicate took possession in 1972.  Thus the 1970s represent a turnaround period of which David Peppercorn found the 1975 “[a] tremendous wine, very rich and powerful, with considerable weight”.  Sadly, this bottle of 1975 Chateau Fourcas-Hosten, Listrac should have been drunk years ago. This did not come as a great surprise but as I am a curious fellow, I am willing to try a wine at the right price.  This bottle was purchased at MacArthur Beverages.


1975 Chateau Fourcas-Hosten, Listrac
Shipped by Rineau.  Imported by The Rineau Wines Co.  A nearly equal blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with a splash of Cabernet Franc.  This wine would have seen 25% new oak.  Alcohol 11%.  The nose bore roast earth and after some bottle-funk blew off, it was clearly old.  In the mouth was a fresh structure that had a spicy bit from the grippy, ripe tannins.  There was salivating acidity and some heat for the fuzzy, red fruit had mostly faded away.  It did take on some weight but what was left of the fruit remained fuzzy and overpowered by the roast earth and tannins.  *(*) Now.


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