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Aromatic Brachetto from the ancient Malabaila di Canale estate

I had absolutely no clue what to expect upon opening my bottle of NV Malabaila di Canale, Cardunaj.  My first wave of thoughts were of sheer enjoyment.  Then I was reminded of the  Matteo Correggia, Anthos which is made from Brachetto. It turns out this wine is as well!  Both this non-vintage Canale and the vintage dated Correggia are excellent.  This particular wine was very aromatic with acidity-driven, articulate flavors.  The wine leans towards the floral and orange-citrus spectrum making it lighter in nature.  Our bottle drank best on the first night so I recommend that you share one with your friends. These wines seem to slip under the radar so spread the word.  This wine is available at MacArthur Beverages.


NV Malabaila di Canale, Cardunaj – $15
Imported by deGrazia Imports.  This wine is 100% Brachetto del Roero sourced from vines planted in 1990. Alcohol 13%. The nose was very aromatic with floral notes.  The flavors were articulate just like the nose.  They were lively and acidity driven at first before fleshing out to show bright, orange-citrus backed red fruit.  The wine remained vibrant with round, minerals, and black tannins.  *** Now-2016.


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