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Four diverse red Burgundies

The tasting area at MacArthur Beverages is located in the back of the store near the Bordeaux and Burgundy sections.  It was only natural then that while tasting 2012 Burgundy, a local wine lover began to recommended several bottles to try.  To this were added several recommendations from Joe.  This post features four of these wines which I found great fun to taste due to their diversity.

I clearly do not drink that much Burgundy so this was good fun. I rather liked the 2012 Hudelot-Noellat, Bourgogne for its defined, old-school personality.  Even the neglected remains were drinking pleasurably three days later.  The pair of wines from Domaine Arnoux-Lachaux struck me as incredibly different.  It turns out that Pascal Lachaux’s son Charles, produced the 2012 vintage.  Charles has made notable changes such as the use of whole cluster fruit and aging in large casks to lessen the oak flavor.  The 2012 Domaine Arnoux-Lachaux, Pinot Fin, Bourgogne showed bountiful aromas of grassy, red fruit with dry flavors in the mouth. The 2009 Domaine Arnoux-Lachaux, Pinot Fin, Bourgogne was my preferred choice with its darker fruit, texture, and savory flavors. Finally comes the 2009 Domaine du Chateau de Chorey (Germain), Vieilles Vignes, Bourgogne.  The wines of the domaine were produced by Benoit Germain.  The 2009 vintage is the last from the domain for he died in 2010 after which the estate was sold off.  Joe related that the vineyard had incredibly low yields.  This particular bottle revealed mature notes on the aromatic nose but in the mouth the core of fruit  and structure show plenty of life ahead.  If I could pick only one of these four wine this would be the one.  These wines are available at MacArthur Beverages.


2012 Hudelot-Noellat, Bourgogne – $25
Imported by MacArthur Liquors.  This wine is 100% Pinot Noir that sees approximately 20% new oak.  Alcohol 12%. There citrus-backed, red fruit flavors and acidity that made the wine pop before the grippy, textured middle.  It certainly had an old-school flavor.  This bottle drank well for several days.  ** Now-2019.


2012 Domaine Arnoux-Lachaux, Pinot Fin, Bourgogne – $30
Imported by MacArthur Liquors.  This wine is 100% Pinot Fin sourced from 60+ year old vines that was vinified with at least 30% whole clusters.  Alcohol 12.5%.  The nose was continually aromatic with clean, grassy, red fruit.  In the mouth were watery, red fruit flavors, a lighter body, and generally dry nature.  The wine was energized by salivating acidity and with air, it took on some weight and wood notes.  Has verve.  ** Now – 2019.


2009 Domaine Arnoux-Lachaux, Pinot Fin, Bourgogne – $30
Imported by MacArthur Liquors.  This wine is 100% Pinot Fin sourced from 60+ year old vines.  The fruit was completely destemmed, the wine underwent malolactic fermentation and a few months of aging in used French oak barrels.  Alcohol 12.5%. There were dark notes on the nose.  In the mouth the ripe hints of black fruit showed focus.  There was fresh acidity and a structure that subtly built in strength only to leave ripe tannins on the back of the tongue.  The wine had bits of texture and spice.  Though still young it showed some savory, softening from age.  *** Now – 2020.


2009 Domaine du Chateau de Chorey (Germain), Vieilles Vignes, Bourgogne – $25
Imported by MacArthur Liquors.  Alcohol 12.5%.  The nose was rather aromatic with maturing notes, a little blood, and old wood.  In the mouth were red then tart red fruit, a slight wood note and plenty of acidity.  Firm wood tannins do build before the tart red finish which leaves grapey, ripe tannins on the gums.  With air a core of fruit develops.  Drinkable now but will last.  *** Now-2019.


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