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Online Posts and Articles on the History of Wine: #7

Description of Jefferson Madeira from October 11, 1904.

Description of Jefferson Madeira from October 11, 1904.

The collection of history of wine posts for February is quite diverse.  These posts explore the sale side of things with historic auctions of Madeira attributed to President Thomas Jefferson, a contemporary auction of 200 year old port, and even the 78 editions of Berry Bros & Rudd wine lists. Some 1,500 year old grape seeds were found and the history of wine reviewing and scores get further attention.  If you find all of this fascinating then please help support and encourage research into the History of Wine by sharing this post and contributing links from around the world. Until the end of March you may find more history of wine at:

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Posts and Articles

Berry Bros & Rudd: Number Three – a publication past


Harper Collins: The History of Wine in 100 Bottles by Oz Clarke

Steve Heimoff: The history of wine reviewing

Hogshead Wine: “Worth a Dollar a Drop”: The Thomas Jefferson Madeira of Douglas H. Thomas

Hogshead Wine: “choice Old Jefferson Madeira”: Thomas Jefferson Madeira from the cellar of Josiah Lee

Hogshead Wine: “The Jefferson Wine of 1807” : Thomas Jefferson Madeira from the cellar of John Gadsby

Hogshead Wine: “[I]mported expressly for President Jefferson”: Historic Lots of Thomas Jefferson’s Madeira at Auction

Israeli Antiquities Authority: A first-of-its-kind discovery of 1,500 year-old grape seeds may answer the question: Why was the wine of the Negev so renowned in the Byzantine Empire

Jim’s Loire: Looks like it is a myth that the 100-point scale can be credited to Robert Parker

Licores Reyes: “Baco y Ariadna” (1691-1694), de Sebastiano Ricci

Licores Reyes: “Bodegón con porcelana y copa nautilo” (1660), de Willem Kalf

Mail & Guardian: Drink a toast to the rich Creole heritage of the Cape’s wines

The New York History Blog: Review of Rise and Fall of NY’s Taylor Wine Company

Smithsonian Magazine: Get Ready for a Taste of the Byzantine Empire’s Favorite Wine


Wall Street Journal: Madeira: The Historic Portuguese Wine That’s Hip Again

Wine Hog: Terroir Insight: Domaine Leroy Romanee Saint-Vivant

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