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Three impressions of Arnot-Roberts

It was all my luck that in recovering from a head cold I ingested something bad which kept me on the couch for two days.  I had, of course, previously opened up three different bottles from Arnot-Roberts.  Being in the extremely rare position of not wanting to taste wine I am left with only impressions of these wines from when they were first opened. I preferred the reds over the white.  I have been on a kick for Californian Trousseau ever since I first tasted William Allen’s version from Two Shepherds.  The wines are attractively distinct from those of Arbois.  The Arnot-Robert version continues in the Californian vein but was lighter and brighter.  The Syrah was engaging as well with its hard to describe flavors along with the comforting pepper and fat note.  My general impression is that these are wines of interesting nuances best appreciated a glass or two at a time.  These wines were purchased at MacArthur Beverages.


2013 Arnot-Roberts, Chardonnay, Watson Ranch, Napa Valley – $37
This wine is 100% Chardonnay that was aged for seven months in neutral French oak.  Alcohol 12.2%. There was a finely textured nose.  In the mouth were dry, floral white fruit flavors were lively and full of acidity.  There were chalk flavors, some toast, and a bright, long finish.  The wine was tight.


2013 Arnot-Roberts, Trousseau, North Coast – $29
This wine is 100% Trousseau that was aged for 11 months in neutral French oak.  Alcohol 12.1%. There were ripe oranges underlying the red fruit before showing fresh, black minerals.  There were lighter flavors but the wine has strength.  I enjoyed the mix of fresh pepper and exotic spices.


2013 Arnot-Roberts, Syrah, North Coast – $35
This wine is 100% Syrah of which 10% underwent carbonic maceration and was aged for 11 months in neutral French oak.  Alcohol 12.8%. The nose was scented with perfume with similar flavors in the mouth.  The wine was balanced and generally intriguing.  The flavors were fresh with a little pepper hint and an attractive surrounding of some fat.


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