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Three wines tasted while in Albuquerque

I made a 10 minute visit to the wine store during our recent trip to Albuquerque. I believed I picked up a bottle of Stolpman a year prior so there was no time wasted in grabbing the 2011 Stolpman, Syrah Estate, Santa Ynez Valley.  This youthful wine had youthful flavors that we all enjoyed.  I suppose you could enjoy it over the short term but why wait?  Another type of wine that I always buy are those from Collioure.  Unfortunately, the 2010 Domaine La Tour Vieille, La Pinede, Collioure  reminded me of raisins of which I lost interest after a few sips.  Finally, I grabbed a half bottle of 2007 Bonny Doon, Le Cigare Volant.  My inspiration came from tasting the demi-john aged versions, labeled en bonbonne, at the Rhone Rangers tasting last year.  I thought this 2007 regular version would offer up some bottle aged flavors but it did not.  Instead it was very young with a lot of zip, so much so I would have guessed an upbringing in demi-john.  Keep this one in your cellar.  These wines were purchased at Jubilation Wine and Spirits in Albuquerque.


2011 Stolpman, Syrah Estate, Santa Ynez Valley – $25
This wine is 100% Syrah.  Alcohol 14.4%.  There was a lively start with youthful bright black and red fruit on the tongue.  The flavors were young with some texture, a little weight, and a hint of ripeness in the black, minerally finish.  With air tart black flavors developed along with chocolate and more weight.  There were some ripe tannins in the aftertaste.  *** Now-2018.


2010 Domaine La Tour Vieille, La Pinede, Collioure – $24
Imported by Kermit Lynch.  This wine is a blend of 70% Grenache, 15% Carignan, and 15% Mourvedre sourced from 35-70 year old vines.  Alcohol 14.7%.  The flavors were ripe and clearly bordering on the raisin end of the spectrum.  The flavors of candied fruit lay low, bound up with good acidity and some structure.  Strange.  * Now.


2007 Bonny Doon Vineyard, Le Cigare Volant – $17 (375 mL)
This wine is a blend of 60% Grenache, 32% Syrah, 4% Mourvedre, and 4% Cinsault.  Alcohol 14.4%.  In the mouth were not-quite robust flavors that were lively and dry.  The was still quite a grapey structure integrated with the cherry and raspberry flavors.  The wine tastes remarkably preserved and timeless.  ** 2017-2025.


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