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I’m still not sure what I drank: Panevino, Lot N R112, Delirante nelle Peggio

The strange label and capped bottle shaped like those used for sparkling wine led me to believe this was a sparkling red wine. Despite what was in the bottle I knew I would be in for a ride since the wine was imported by Louis/Dressner. The company website yielded no specific clues under the “Wine” description section.  Instead there is the fun statement, “WITH THE EXCEPTION OF ALVAS, THEY CHANGE EVERY YEAR! CUT US SOME SLACK!”. It turned out to be a still red wine so I let the bottle warm up. .it had enough of the tell-tale natural wine profile that Jenn did not like it. If it weren’t for the cardamom aroma I might have been put off but fortunately I tasted the wine and rather enjoyed it. In the end I found it a wacky, fun wine that should be aged until the spring. This wine was purchased at MacArthur Beverages.


NV Gianfranco Manca, Panevino, Lot N R112, Delirante nelle Peggio – $22
Imported by Louis/Dressner.  This wine is 100% Cannonau.  Alcohol 14.5%. The nose was aromatic, evocative of a natural wine but also had a beguiling cardamom note. In the mouth this natural red wine showed brighter red fruit that built up ripeness and texture. There was no spritz but it had a very lively middle. There were minerals, fresh perfume, and a citric flavor matched by fine, black pepper flavors. The acidity was tangy and caused salivation. The wine oscillated between open and closed so might be best after a few months of age. **(*) 2015-2018.


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