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Italians wines with pizza at Delancey’s

A group of us recently met up with Julia to eat pizza at Delancey’s in Ballard.   This is a top-notch spot for pizza particularly when the dough is prepared by the guy with big fingers and cooked by the owner Brandon.  Bigger fingers apparently yield those bigger, crispy bubbles when cooked.  On our night the guy with the little fingers yielded lower lying crust that was crispier.  Finger differences aside the six of us polished off five pizzas.  As fanatical as Brandon is about details in his cooking and cocktails, his interesting assortment of wines scales the heights of the walls.  Which means they also ascend to the warm side in temperature.  That did not bother me as I walked in with a pair of Italian wines recommended by Michael the proprietor of Pike & Western Wine Shop.

I knew that the four other guys in our group prefered beer so I figured Julia and I would just split the leftover wine.  Despite the presence of beer one of them tried the Monsecco and pronounced it better than the box wine he typically buys.  The others joined in one by one due to curiosity then of course it was time to sample the Terradora di Paolo.  Sample pours switched to full wine glasses.  The bottles were quickly getting low so I scratched out the few tasting notes you may find below.   The telling moment came when it was pronounced, “The wine is better with the food than the beer.”


2009 Monsecco, Pratogrande, Nebbiolo, Colline Novaresi – $27
Imported by Neal Rosenthal.  This wine is 100% Nebbiolo.  Alcohol 13.5%.  The nose was tight on the fruit but had articulated aromas of tobacco and red berries.  In the mouth were black fruit flavors, dry tannins, supportive acidity, and a drying finish.  This is a great buy for it retails at $22 in NYC.


2008 Terradora di Paolo, Fatica Contadina, Taurasi – $30
Imported by VIAS.  This wine is 100% Aglianico that was aged for 12 months in very large oak barrels.  Alcohol 13.5%.  This was a fruit driven wine that while remaining compact, responded well to air.  It mixed berries, tobacoo, and dark fruit before the attractively inky and dark finish.


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