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2013 Rosé and Rouge from Chateau Thivin

Chateau Thivin‘s red Côtes des Brouilly has consistently appeared on this blog for several vintages.  What has never appeared is the Beaujolais Villages Rosé before.  This is a somewhat unique post in that the latest release of the Beaujolais Villages Rosé  and Côtes de Brouilly are both from the 2013 vintage!  This vintage follows the massively hail-damaged 2012 vintage.  Over in Bristol, Avery’s found the 2013 vintage also being tricky and small but found there was “lovely richness of fruit and balance.”  If I summed up both of these wines it too would be good fruit and impeccable balance.  Why not try both this weekend? These wines were purchased at MacArthur Beverages.


2013 Chateau Thivin, Rosé, Beaujolais Villages – $18
Imported by Kermit Lynch.  This wine is 100% Gamay Noir.  Alcohol 12%.  The color was of light copper and dried rose.  The nose was delicately textured with aromas of fresh, red fruit.  The wine made a tart start followed by gently ripe flavors that took on some weight.  With air and warmth the ripe strawberry and cherry flavors took form, lying on the tongue until the tart and lemon-infused finish came out.  *** Now.


2013 Chateau Thivin, Côtes de Brouilly – $23
Imported by Kermit Lynch.  This wine is 100% Gamay sourced from vines averaging 50 years of age.  Alcohol 13%.  There was a nose of red fruit with fresh, red cranberries.  In the mouth this bright red wine had seamless acidity that was slightly outgoing.  There was a lovely blend of components from orange-zest, some tartness, a wood note, and a moderate tannic structure.  Overall this wine appears best for the short-term which means you should enjoy it right now.  *** Now-2017.


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