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Online Posts and Articles on the History of Wine: #2

Bodleian Library, University of Oxford

“The Blue grape | Ripe September 27”. Bodleian Library, University of Oxford [4]

It is hard to believe its time for another blog carnival.  For those who missed out please read Online Posts and Articles on the History of Wine: #1.  This month, the articles about the History of Wine were dominated by grape remains found down in a well in Chianti and the isotope analysis of King Richard III’s bones.  I have included links to several of the original papers even though a few were published before August.  Beyond those two subjects there is plenty to read from Stalin’s “plebian luxury” all the way back to an ancient Middle East cellar.  Please help support and encourage research into the History of Wine by sharing this post.  Until the end of September you may find more history of wine at:

Facebook: History of Wine

Twitter: #histwine

Posts and Articles

American Association of Wine Economists: Wine Historical Statistics (PDF)

The Armchair Sommelier: Wine, Words & Wednesday, No. 13

Averys Blog: Wine and Warfare Part 14 : The Molotov Cocktail

Averys Blog: Wine and Warfare Part 13 : Divine Winds

Conciatore: The Dregs

Decanter: Ancient Middle East wine cellar fuelled royal parties, say researchers

Discovery: Chianti Wine’s Origins Found Down a Well

Early Modern Medicine: For a Muddled Memory

Financial Times: Wine without frontiers



Hogshead Wine: John Searle & Company, July 16, 1783, Bill of Lading listing Madeira for General George Washington

Hogshead Wine: Endangered Winemaking Images from Georgia

Hogshead Wine: “They wet gunny sacks with wine to save the homes.” Wine related scenes from the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

Hogshead Wine: The 200th Anniversary of the Burning of Washington and the Destruction of President James Madison’s Choice Wines

Hogshead Wine: Image of the Tokay vineyard, near Fayetteville, North Carolina from 1883

Hogshead Wine: The 1700 Year Old Vineyard of the Niya Site in China

Hogshead Wine: The 19th century Vinery at Qaiser Bagh in Lucknow, India

Hogshead Wine: Fantastic 17th Century Images from Georgica Curiosa (1682)

Hogshead Wine: 17th Century Watercolors of John Tradescant’s Grape Clusters

Journal of Wine Economics: The Rise and Fall of the World’s Largest Wine Exporter and Its Institutional Legacy*

London School of Economics and Political Science: Twitter and blogs are not add-ons to academic research, but a simple reflection of the passion that underpins it.

Mount Vernon: Grapes

The Oxford Wine Blog: A Short History of German Wine

The Oxford Wine Blog: The History of Bordeaux Wine

Public Library of Science One: Characterizing a Middle Bronze Palatial Wine Cellar from Tel Kabri, Israel

Weingut Max Ferdinand Richter: Historische Preisliste 1938/ Historical priceliste from 1938

Science Direct: Multi-isotope analysis demonstrates significant lifestyle changes in King Richard III


Vin Deling : Facts about Port and Madeira – The Illustrated Douro

Western Daily Press: Ned Halley discovers how pre-Great War tastes favoured the wines of Germany over France

Wine As Was: The Kate Moss coupe: Caring’s champagne coup

Wine As Was: Sovetskoye Shampanskoye – Stalin’s ‘plebeian luxury’


Hogshead Wine: “Vinum Bonum Bonum Sanguinem Facit”

Hogshead Wine: French Officers at luncheon in the field

Hogshead Wine: Six unidentified soldiers in 45th Ohio Infantry Regiment officers’ uniforms with sabers. 1862-65.

Hogshead Wine: Coal miner (Italian) takes a drink of wine in front of his home after coming home from work late in the afternoon.

Hogshead Wine: Rabbi in a kosher wine shop in the New York’s Jewish section. 1942.

Hogshead Wine: Vast and Important Vineyards: The First Edition of the Guide Michelin for Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia

Hogshead Wine: Photograph of an Australian vineyard near Melbourne during the 1860s.

Hogshead Wine: Map showing the viticulture and viniculture of Algeria in 1927

Hogshead Wine: Old Dry Brown Madeira, Marcobruner, and 1837 Chateau Latour for Sale in Bombay during 1845

Hogshead Wine: A Vulture Eating a Carcass and Images of Grapevines in Tractatus de Herbis (c. 1440)

Hogshead Wine: Two Scenes of Winemaking From the 14th and 15th Century

Hogshead Wine: Two 17th Century Maps Showing the Vineyards of Vienna

Hogshead Wine: Austrian Soldiers Working on a Vineyard in Vittorio Veneto during 1918

Hogshead Wine: More Homicidal Winemakers, This Time From a 15th Century Flemish Manuscript

Hogshead Wine: Wine and Basel Wear (1634)

Hogshead Wine: Report on testing of Churchill’s wine for poison August 24, 1944.


British Pathe: Wine Tanker Disabled In Gale

History of Wine: Behind the Scenes: Conducting Research with Emily

History of Wine and Law: Swindling

History of Wine: Chilling Wines in the Ancient Mediterranean

History of Wine and Art Series: Medieval Tapestry

History of Wine and Art Series: Roman Sculpture

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