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I Am Hooked on Folk Machine

We found ourselves in Baltimore the other weekend and thanks to Darryl’s recommendation, I soon found myself inside of The Wine Source in Hambden.  In scanning the shelves I saw bottles of Californian wine from Arnot-Roberts, Calder, and several from Folk Machine.  I had never heard of Folk Machine but a quick search revealed many positive comments from Jon Bonné.  Folk Machine is a label under Kenny Likitprakong’s Hobo Wine Company.  In particular Jon Bonné wrote, “Folk Machine is his [Kenny Likitprakong’s] effort to provide value-priced wines from the state — ones that often contend dollar for dollar with their imported counterparts.”   In Christina Waters’ 2012 interview of Kenny Likitprakong, he described the Folk Machine label as “an outlet for more ‘experimental’ type of wines.”  As you know I drink mostly imported wine priced under $20 so I grabbed two bottles.

Downtown Baltimore from Hampden Hall.

Downtown Baltimore from Hampden Hall.

We tasted both wines over two nights.  My favorite of the pair was the 2013 Folk Machine, Parts & Labor.   It meets the descriptions of being “light on it’s feet” and “fun and easy to drink” but I found it offered plenty of depth.  Perhaps this is due to the fruit from the 100-year old Carignane vines.  I strongly recommend you try this wine.  At $15, this Californian “bistro wine” is an outright steal!   The 2011 Folk Machine, Three Ceremonies, Mendocino County comes across as structured for age.  Even after two days the dry flavors were locked down.  I recommend you stash a bottle or two away to see how the interesting components develop.  These wines were purchased at the Wine Source in Baltimore


2013 Folk Machine, Parts & Labor – $15
This wine is a blend of 45% Syrah, 35% Carignane, and 20% Grenache.  Alcohol 13.4%.  The nose was deep with aromas of fresh black berries and generally high quality fruit.  In the mouth were slightly racy and creamy flavors of dense black fruit and ripe, pink grapefruit.  There seemed to be a hint of wood or stems in the finish.  In the end this had good fruit and flavor making it a very satisfying drink!  *** Now-2015.


2011  Folk Machine, Three Ceremonies, Mendocino County – $18
This wine is a blend of Carignane, Syrah, and Petit Sirah.  Alcohol 13.2%.  The aromas of cardamom made way to higher-toned fruit.  The dry flavors of red and black fruit leaned towards brighter black fruit in the finish.  The wine picked up notes of old polished wood and cardamom before leaving dry tannins on the gums and spicy flavors in the back of the throat.  **(*) 2015-2020.


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