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David Sampedro Gil’s Unique Pasolasmonjas

The unusual 2008 David Sampedro Gil, Pasolasmonjas, Navarra hit the shelves just several weeks ago.  David Sampedro Gil aims to produce wines the way his grandfather did which translates to biodynamic farming and minimal intervention in winemaking.  His efforts caught the attention of The Wine Spectator who listed him as one of six leading the way in the October 2012 issue.  The particular wine featured in today’s post is produced using fruit from 60-70+ year old vines from a single mountainous vineyard.  I have already opened several bottles and find that the dried herbs and generally dry nature of this wine are evocative of scrubby land.  You should try this wine if you are at all curious.  This wine was purchased at MacArthur Beverages.


2008 David Sampedro Gil, Pasolasmonjas, Navarra – $16
Imported by Bacchus Importers.  This wine is 100% Garnacha aged 12-16 months in oak.  Alcohol 13.5 %.  The nose combines dried herbs and cherry aromas to provide vermouth like complexity.  In the mouth were rather dry flavors and drying tannins on the gums.  The dense flavors mixed with dried, green herbs, integrated acidity, and wood notes.  The dry flavors and tannins coat the back of the mouth leaving an aftertaste evocative of vermouth.  Rather unique. *** Now-2018.


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