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A Unique White Wine From the Traditional Thevenet Family

Lou sent me a picture of the 2006 Domaine de la Bongran, Cuvee E.J. Thevenet, Viré-Clessé from New York.  It was just a few days after his return that he pulled out the half-full bottle from his refrigerator.    This wine drank amazingly well over the period of one week.  And that is without any Private Preserve!  Domaine de la Bongran features wines produced from a 4.5 ha estate located on clay with white marl subsoils.  The vines were in the family for a very long time until they were sold to a priest named Bongran.  When he passed away the family regained control of the vines.  The wines of Bongran have historically contained residual sugar, the 1929 vintage contains similar levels of sugar, alcohol, and pH as the 1989 vintage.  Through a combination of cleanliness and slow fermentation, the 2006 vintage took two years to ferment, the Thevenet family has traditionally produced a wine capable of long aging.  No doubt this longevity aided in the ability to take a tasting note on the fifth night this bottle was open.  It was still very enjoyable though I suspect it drank better over the first several nights.  I highly recommend you try this wine and also suggest that those curious  secure the older vintages which are still available.


2006 Domaine de la Bongran, Cuvee E.J. Thevenet, Viré-Clessé – $40 (Wine-Searcher)
Imported by Louis-Dressner Selections.  Alcohol 14%.  The nose revealed stones and orchard fruit.  In the mouth were ripe, slightly sweet flavors of tropical fruit.  The wine was weighty with a creamy nature before lots of stones and the impression of old wood came out. (I an aware this was raised in stainless steel.)  The acidity was present in the finish and on the back of the throat in the aftertaste.  *** Now-2029.

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