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A Great Achievement: 2001 Pavie

David Bloch tucks into his case of 2001 Chateau Pavie to find an amazing wine.


2001 Chateau Pavie, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru
This was the fourth bottle I have opened from a case purchased on release. Not decanted – opened about 3 ½ hours before drinking with a few ounces poured off. The wine has a floral bouquet that could fool the most diehard Bordeaux drinker into thinking Burgundy. Maybe Chambolle. Incredible aromas of flowers and sweet spices. Very inviting. First sips were of ripe plums and blueberries. Beautifully textured. Layered. Unfolds to more dark fruits with a zip of acidity – almost like orange zest. The wine shows a hint of smoke and more exotic spice notes. While a rich and full bodied wine, it remains light on its feet – very well balanced. Tannins hide behind the rich fruit. Maybe a little chocolate milk too. The bottle had quite a bit of sediment (maybe seen if one looks closely at the photo). This is really a great Right Bank wine that needs to be tasted to be believed. A star from a lesser vintage that has proven itself over time to yield many a gem. Pavie naysayers take note – this is an amazingly classy wine with a long life ahead.

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