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Happy Birthday! Hogshead Wine Turns Three


Yesterday was the third birthday of the Hogshead Wine Blog!!!  There are now a total of 1,103 posts on this blog of which 243 were published during this past year.  This represents an average of almost five posts per week, down from eight posts per week at the last anniversary.  Still, the lifetime average is seven posts per week typically Monday through Friday.  The reduction in posts reflects the significant amount of time it takes to research for and write about the History of Wine.  That is not bad considering I have both a family and full-time day job.   There are now 4,768 published images occupying 1.9 GB of space.  I have worked hard to bring many historic images to your attention and hope that you are attracted to both the images and the writing.

Traffic continues to steadily build.  There are now 1,107 dedicated WordPress, Email, Twitter, and Facebook followers.  Individual readership remains steady at some 4,000 reader per months generating under 7,000 page views per month.  Local readership has increased slightly to 58% followed by international readers from 179 different countries led off by the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Germany, Spain, Australia, Italy, and the Netherlands.  This order has shuffled slightly from the year before.  There are a large number of referrers but the top remain Facebook, Twitter, MacArthur Beverages, and David White’s Terroirist.

The post I Try Cups of Copa Di Vino has now swapped placed with Wine Related Dutch Paintings of the 17th Century to become the most popular post.  Surprisingly, the About page is almost as popular as Did I Save $200 by Drinking 2012 Chakan Estate?  Two of my least viewed posts include 1983 Warre’s and 1985 Dow’s along with 2006 Leitz, Rudesheimer Magdalenenkreuz, Riesling Spatlese.  Perhaps this proves that dull titles do not generate much interest.  The titles for my historical post usually incorporate a period quote with the most popular being “Grapes Very Fair and Excellent Good”: The First Known Vintage in the Colony of Virginia.  My passion lies in the History of Wine.  I suggest you check that page from time to time for this summer will see some interesting posts.

Thank you all for continuing to read and comment!


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