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An Excellent Spanish Wine Made From 60-200 Year Old Espadeiro Vines

My posts are a bit shorter than usual these days.  It is not that I am drinking boring wine or have nothing to write about but that I am spending a significant amount of time researching into minute details for an engaging post.  This research not only involves my time but that of other institutions and a private individual.  I continue to taste a variety of wines and today’s feature is worth looking for.  This bottle of 2011 Lagar de Costa, Viva La Vid-a was selected by Zach at Despana Vino y Mas.  This vintage represents the first release of this wine made from very old-vine Espadeiro.  This variety is typically found in Portugal but there is also some planted in Spain.  The nose on this bottle was outstanding and quite satisfying all on its own being a balance of earthy aromas and berries.  The flavors in the mouth were not quite as generous, I suspect this needs six months to one year in the cellar to open up.  It appears that Lagar de Costa only produced 50 cases of this vintage so you might want to grab some while you can.   Not only well-done but unique.  This wine was purchased at Despana Vino y Mas.


2011 Lagar de Costa, Viva La Vid-a – $32
Imported by T Edward Wines.  This wine is 100% Espadeiro sourced from vines 30-200 years of age on soils of granite.  It was 50% whole cluster fermented with indigenous yeasts in French oak barrels then aged for 8 months.  Alcohol 11.5%.  The nose was aromatic with earthy berries.  The mouth followed the nose with expansive flavors which were lighter in body.  There were more tart red cherry fruit, a little strawberry ripeness, and a little black fruit towards the finish.  There was a lot of acidity and citrus components.  With air flavors of dried herbs came out.  There was vibrant texture on the tongue and cheeks, leaving wood tannins and earth impressions.  **** for the nose, overall ***(*) Now-2018.


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