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The Wine Love: Two Wines From Gonzalo Gonzalo and Mar Mota

During my last trip to New York I picked up a case of wine put together by Zach Moss of Despaña Vinos y Mas.  Several of Zach’s selections were produced by The Wine Love, a collaboration between Gonzalo Gonzalo and Mar Mota.  Both Gonzalo Gonzalo and Mar Mota studied at the University of La Rioja with respective family backgrounds in grape growing and cooperage.  Their biodynamic wines are produced using fruit from Rioja which is minimally handled and sees minimal sulphur.  In this post I feature the White Yeti and Gran Cerdo.  The White Yeti possess a nose of lovely white floral fruit which persisted without decay.  In the mouth it offered up stones and a pleasing hint of lemon.  This held up well to several days in the refrigerator so it is a great candidate for a daily glass.  The Gran Cerdo is appealing not only for the flying hog graphic but also for its grapey aromas, flavors, and tannins.   It is a bottle to drink in one night so why not treat your friends to a different expression of Rioja? These wines are available at Despaña Vino y Mas.


2012 The Wine Love, White Yeti – $21
A Critical Mass Selection imported by T. Elenteny Imports.  This wine is 100% Viura which was fermented in stainless steel.  Alcohol 13%.  There was crisp white fruit to start following by delicate white floral fruit.  The wine takes on roundness with ample flavors of stone that mix with a hint of lemon.  *** Now-2016.


2011 The Wine Love, Gran Cerdo – $16
A Critical Mass Selection imported by T. Elenteny Imports.  This wine is mostly Tempranillo with perhaps some Graciano.  The fruit is whole cluster fermented in underground cement tanks where it takes one year to undergo malolactic fermentation.  Alcohol 13%.  The color is a medium purple grapey color with a scented nose of grapey aromas that has both berries and natural notes.  In the mouth there was brighter red fruit with grapey tannins, not too much acidity, and some tannins in the aftertaste.  There were pepper notes to the grapey flavors that became drier towards the end.  It had good ripeness and weight despite its lightness.  An attractive wine for drinking now.  *** Now-2015.


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