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An Exciting Orange Rosado From the Highest Vineyard in Europe

Barranco Oscuro claims to have the highest vineyards in Europe reaching some 1,368 meters on the mountains of La Contraviesa.  While that feat is also  laid claim by some alpine vineyard there is no doubting that this is an exciting wine.  The tawny orange color is quite different as well as the exotic nose.  In the mouth, this was a  most substantial rosado being more round than crisp with accompanying alcohol.  It held up well to air but I do not see any reason to hold back.  I didn’t.  After tracking this wine for three days I decided to finish the bottle instead of opening up a bottle of red wine.  That should tell you something.   This wine was purchased at Despana Vino y Mas.


2010 Barranco Oscuro, Vino Costa – $27
Imported by Savio Soares Selections.  This wine is a blend of mostly Palomino Negra and Garnacha which saw 28 months in stainless steel and oak casks.  Alcohol 14%.  The color was a medium tawny orange.  The nose had ripe, piercing aromas evocative of an exotic floral market.  There was a roundish entry followed by appropriate acidity and a tangy sensation on the tongue tip.  The wine was ripe but a little puckering.  With air delicately ripe flavors of strawberry developed leaving some assertive flavors in the finish and a long, persistent aftertaste.  *** Now-2016.


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