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2010 Gigondas from Cayron, Gour de Chaule, and Raspail-Ay

This post was motivated by the “Gigondas 2010 & 2011” article in the December issue of Decanter.  After reading the article I simply had to try some young Gigondas!  The three selections described below are excellent wines of similar price and appropriate for the cellar.  The 2010 Domaine Raspail-Ay remained my favorite.  It possesses  a certainly traditional, earthy flavor which I really like and also found in the 2009 and 2007 vintages.  This current vintage is a bit more structured and less evolved than when I first tasted the 2009 vintage.   The 2010 Domaine du Gour de Chaule, Cuvee Tradition was initially more approachable on the nose and in the mouth but proved to remain tight.  The 2010 Domaine du Cayron was most backward of the trio but still showed a nice notes of old-school perfume and garrigue.   I would recommend leaving these in the cellar for a few years before trying them.  The bottle age should pay off handsomely.  These wines are available at MacArthur Beverages.


2010 Domaine Raspail-Ay, Gigondas – $30
Imported Michael Corso Selections.  This wine is a blend of 80% Grenache, 15% Syrah and 5% Mourvedre.   Alcohol 14%.  There was a young, scented nose of red fruit which turned deeper with air.  It remained quite attractive.  The mouth followed the nose with balanced acidity and tannins.  The tannins became a little citric in the aftertaste.  Though this wine needs age it had good depth, old wood notes, and a chewy finish.  With air it became earthier in the finish with more structure reminiscent of orange pith.  It took on spices and had fine definition.  ***(*) Now-2026.


2010 Domaine du Gour de Chaule, Cuvee Tradition, Gigondas – $30
Imported by Neal Rosenthal.  This wine is a blend of mostly Grenache with some Syrah and Mourvedre.  Alcohol 14.5%.  The nose had good scent.  In the mouth were rounder, more approachable flavors of red and black fruit, and minerals.  The flavors were a little savory with some salivating acidity.  There was good tannic structure which persisted on the gums.  With air the flavors carried through the finish with more prominent acidity.  The wine should expand with age still showing a tightness and structure of fine, powdery tannins.  ***(*) 2015-2026.


2010 Domaine du Cayron, Gigondas – $32
Imported by Roanoke Valley Wine Company.  This wine is an approximate blend of 70% Grenache, 15% Syrah, 14% Cinsault, and 1% Mourvedre.  Alcohol 14%.  The nose was of raspberry and strawberry candy.  In the mouth was red and blue fruit with a spicy, drying structure.  It was still unevolved though a little round with an old-school perfumed note.  With air it became tangy in the finish with fresh flavors of garrigue.  Clearly young.  **(**) 2016-2026.


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