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Alternatives to the Champagne Saber

The widespread consumption of Champagne during the holiday season has led to an increase in posts about sabering Champagne.  These posts usually feature an explosive video and perhaps a link to purchase an official sabre à champagne.  There are alternative instruments for performing sabrage as I discovered while rummaging through the kitchen of an in-law in Albuquerque.  As it is not yet New Year’s this post is merely inspiration.  I shall aim for action pictures later on.


The smallest instrument is a hatchet purchased in Ketchikan, Alaska.  It is made from a two-man crosscut logging saw.  It is quite light so anyone can yield it.  The short length of the blade makes it good for crowded parties.


The best balance between weight and rusticity appears in the broad axe with poll purchased in St. Jacobs, Ontario.  With one forceful motion the wide edge is guaranteed to hit the lip of the bottle and the weight of the blade will carry your arm forward.


The most impressive blade is the hand-made meat cleaver from St Petersburg, Russia.  The blade is massive with weight to carry through any large piece of meat or small animal.  In fact the blade is so massive it dwarfs the standard bottle size and changes my posture.  It must be used on larger bottles for fear of losing fingers.


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