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The 1990 López de Heredia, Viña Gravonia

Lou opened his bottle of 1990 López de Heredia, Viña Gravonia earlier this year.  I meant to publish my tasting note for some time but could not find my picture of the bottle from that night so for this post I have used my sole bottle.   The wine itself seems shockingly young with good acidity which leaves the impression it is evolving at a glacial pace.  I have no experience with this wine so it is hard to predict its future.  There were some notes of maturity.  If these continue to develop it should give the wine additional complexity and elevate the experience.   If you are fortunate to have this vintage in your cellar, rest assured that there is no rush to drink it.  This wine was purchased at MacArthur Beverages.


1990 R. López de Heredia Vina Tondonia, Viña Gravonia, Rioja –
Imported by Constantine Wines.  This wine is 100% Viura which was aged in barrels for at least two years.  Alcohol 12%.  Tasted over several nights the color was a light golden yellow with a nose of fine wood and berries.  In the mouth the flavors were a little honied with old wood, tart yellow fruit, and delicate berries.  The flavors were more compact with some bottled age notes coming out but the wine itself was young.  The flavors were a little ripe at first with acidity on the sides of the tongue and back of the throat as the tangy finish developed.  ***/***(*) Now-2023.


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