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Unique and Amazing, the 2006 Chateau des Tours, Reservee, Vacqueyras

I am in the middle of my August vacation so I took an unusual Saturday trip to MacArthur Beverages.  I announced to one person that I was relaxed because I was on vacation, he looked at me puzzled, “Dude, its a Saturday.”  Sitting on the the wire racks which hold recently arrived bottles of Rhone wine, were bottles of 2006 Chateau des Tours, Reservee, Vacqueyras.  I had never seen them before.  Though there were no shelf-talkers or signs pointing them out I knew they were special. The font on the label is clearly related to that of Chateau Rayas along with the use of red and black lettering similar to Chateau de Fonsalette.  Then there was the price which exceeds that of any Vacqueyras I could recall.  Phil had planned to open a bottle that very night so I decided to open mine as well.  Chateau des Tours is the estate of Emmanuel Reynaud who took it over from his father.  He became the winemaker at Chateau Rayas and Chateau de Fonsalette in 1997 after the death of his uncle Jacques Reynaud.  The des Tours estate contains 40 acres of vines from which Vacqueyras, Cotes du Rhone, and Vin de Pays are produced.

The light color of the wine was noticeable through the glass bottle even before I pulled the cork and remained distinct in the glass.  A quick sniff revealed a different sort of Vacqueyras which was confirmed in the mouth and throughout the evening.  This is the most beautiful Vacqueyras I have ever drunk.  It is a very approachable wine, that while immediately attractive, responded very well to air.  It continued to expand and slowly develop complexity over the course of the evening.  If you love the Rhone then you must try a bottle.


2006 Chateau des Tours, Reservee, Vacqueyras – $60
Imported by MacArthur Liquors.  Alcohol 15%.  The color was a light cranberry red.  The light to medium strength nose was immediately aromatic with delicate ripe and sweet red fruit, strawberry, and subtle tobacco.  In the mouth there were old-school red flavors, candied orange peel with underlying flavors of cedar box and black fruit.  Over the course of the evening the wine easily expanded in flavor.  The finish was a little rugged with minimal tannins and balanced acidity. **** Now-2023.


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