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Drinking on an Electric Coffin Table


My recent trip to Seattle was shorter than normal.  I try to balance my free time between tasting new wines, working on my blog, and dining with Clark and Julia.  With only three free evenings I managed all three.   For my first night I picked up two bottles of red wine to taste over the duration of my stay.  I picked up the 2011 Guild Winemakers, Red Wine because I liked the idea of trying a red blend from Oregon and was sold on by the inclusion of Durif in this one.  The price was right, the varietals amongst my favorite, and fortunately the wine itself was good.  It drank well and has a short-term development potential.  I would not hesitate to stock up on a few bottles of this wine.  I picked up the 2010 JM Cellars, Bramble Bump Red because Julia gave me a bottle from JM Cellars during an earlier visit this year.  This bottle was seductive and ready for current drinking.


2011 Guild Winemakers, Red Wine, Columbia Valley – $13
This wine is a blend of 29% Durif, 22% Cinsault, 21% Syrah, 15% Mourvedre, and 13% Grenache.  Alcohol 14.4%.  There was a subtle nose.  In the mouth there was somewhat dense red fruit, acidity in the middle of flavors, more red fruit then tangy black fruit.  This wine has strength with some firm wood tannins.  **(*) 2014-2017.


2010 JM Cellars, Bramble Bump Red, Columbia Valley – $20
This wine is a blend of 65% Merlot, 15% Petit Verdot, 12% Malbec, and 8% Cabernet Franc.  Alcohol 14.9%.  The nose revealed sweet fruit aromas.  In the mouth there were smooth, weightier fruit which was darker with integrated acidity.  The flavors were marked by cedar like notes,  The structure was approachable with wood hints.  ** Now-2016.


My second night involved dinner and brown cocktails at Radiator Whiskey.  Needing some what I jumped on the chance to meet Julia and Clark for dinner at Joule in Fremont.  In an earlier trip we managed a drink or two at Joule before dining at the neighboring The Whale Wins in the Fremont Collective building.  On my third evening I arrived a little bit early so with a glass of 2012 Gilbert Cellars, Rose of Mourvedre, confusingly located under the White portion of the wine list, I sat at the end of the communal table designed by Electric Coffin.  While the rose was more suited for the Fall with its heavy-handed nature it certainly did not necessitate a Highvoltage Deathbox.


I was reading from f Vincent Carosso’s The California Wine Industry, 1830-1895 when Clark and Julia arrived.  Clark wanted something a little bit different so we opted for an Oregon Grenache in the form of the 2011 Quady North, Bomba.  I was tired this night so I did not feel like taking a note but the wine did perk me up.  The wine grew on us and I think we all agreed that it was best to drink young.  As I drove home I did not recall any particular aromas or flavors but I did realize I had enjoyed the bottle to the very end.


2010 Quady North, Bomba, Rogue Valley – $55 (On wine list)
This wine is a blend of 90% Grenache and 10% Syrah fermented in small bins then aged for nine months in large, neutral French oak barrels.  There were fresh and delicate aromas. In the mouth the fresh, red flavors were more appealing with air.  It drank well with food and by itself.  A wine for drinking now which did not leave us wanting.


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