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A Trio of Italian Wines

In continuing my effort to catch up on my tasting notes this post features a trio of Italian wines.  The 2011 Azienda Agricola G. Ricci Curbastro & Figli, Sebino Rosso is a decent and affordably priced wine from Lombardy.   It maintains enough interest to be a mid-week wine so keep it under consideration.  My favorite of the trio is the 2009 Corte Alla Flora, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.  Not only is it a satisfying wine but it also tastes different, I certainly recommend you try a bottle.  Lastly I grabbed the 2007 Duca di Salaparuta, Vajasindi because I just had to try a Sicilian wine under $20 with some age.  Unfortunately it was a bit uninteresting right now.  These wines are available at MacArthur Beverages.


2011 Azienda Agricola G. Ricci Curbastro & Figli, Sebino Rosso IGT – $13
Imported by Grappoli Imports.  This wine is a blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Merlot.  Alcohol 12%.  The color was a medium ruby garnet.  The light nose revealed soft aromas of red and plummy fruit.  In the mouth the soft red fruit surround a core of blue and black fruit.  There was a brief hint of herbs.  The flavors tightened up towards the finish where some structure developed along with salivating acidity.  There was a  tiny bit of drying tannins in the aftertaste.  ** Now-2015.


2009 Corte Alla Flora, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano – $17
Imported by Siema.  This wine is a blend 0f 80% Prugnolo Gentile, 10% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon which was fermented in stainless steel tanks where it underwent malolactic fermentation then aged for 18 months in French oak. Alcohol 14%.  The nose was a little earthy and stink with some leather hints.  The mouth follows the nose with dry flavors, pencil lead, and drying tannins.  The black and red fruit mixes nicely with black minerals.  There is a drying structure in the finish, salivating acidity, and somewhat tart red fruit.  There are some different, mature notes in this enjoyable wine.  *** Now-2018.


2007 Duca di Salaparuta, Vajasindi, Lavico – $17
Imported by Wine Cellars Ltd.  This wine is 100% Nerello Mascalese.  Alcohol 13%.  There were firm red flavors and herbs which mixed with red and black acidity.  The tannins are integrated, though present, but nothing crazy.  There was slightly watering acidity.  ** Now-2018.


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