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Mature Wines From Domaine et Selection


The wines of Domaine et Selection are vinified, aged, and bottled at Domaine De Marcoux by Sophie Armenier.  However, they are not Domaine Marcoux wines.  They are produced using fruit from a 1 hectare vineyard of old-vine Grenache in the northwest corner of Chateauneuf du Pape.  Jenn and I had drunk a bottle of the 1999 many years ago so I limited experience with the wines.  I have lately heard from several people that the 2001 vintage was drinking really well and strongly priced.  A trio of vintages are still available so over two nights we tried all three.  The 1999 is the most mature and the most affordable.  It is a wine for drinking now in one go.  The 2000 was the most opulent and powerful, tasting like a wine from a warm vintage.   The 2001 lived up to the hype.  It is a beautiful and approachable wine which continued to develop as if slowly feeding off of some internal energy.  I would buy several bottles of the 2001 while this it is still available.  I would like to thank Sophie Armenier for answering my questions.  I will update this post with any additional information.  These wines are available at MacArthur Beverages.


1999 Domaine et Selection, Chateauneuf du Pape – $24
Imported by MacArthur Liquors.  Alcohol 14%.  The color was a light+ medium garnet.  The nose is of higher-pitched red fruit and roast.  The mouth follows with similar high-pitched red fruit which is still very much alive but shows maturity with the developing roast flavors.  There were ripe spices, and almost coarse textured ripe tannins.  It is a wine for now and rank best on the first night.  ** Now.


2000 Domaine et Selection, Chateauneuf du Pape – $34
Imported by MacArthur Liquors.  Alcohol 15%.  The color was a light to medium cherry in the core surrounded by garnet.  There was a nose of firmer fruit, lipstick  and subtle bramble berry aromas.  In the mouth there was weighty ripe fruit, minerally red and black flavors, and a little vibrant acidity.  It was mouthfilling with power and a strong core of fruit.  The flavors mixed with cinnamon baking spices as well as integrated acidity and structure.  All of the components are there with nice fruit and perhaps a hint of warmth.  *** Now-2017.


1999 Domaine et Selection, Chateauneuf du Pape – $35
Imported by MacArthur Liquors.  Alcohol 15%.  The color was a light to medium consistent garnet.  The nose was earthy and of mulberries.  In the mouth there was more of a berry quality to the fruit, some roundness with a youthful manner.  It had more vigor and showed seriousness as it fleshed out with air.  It clearly gained depth with air showing expansive flavors and persistence.  ***(*) Now-2023.


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