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OREGOGNE GARAGE D’OR: Other People’s Pinot

I first tried a glass of the 2011 Mouton Noir, O.P.P. when Jameson Fink included it in a tasting flight at Bottlehouse.  You may find my tasting note in my post Images and Wines From Seattle.  I did not immediately recognize the O.P.P. label at first but upon reading Mouton Noir on the label, vague memories came back to me.  Andre Hueston Mack is responsible for Mouton Noir which involves both Oregon wines and t-shirts.  He has a clean, graphic nature to his t-shirts with names such as Grunerade in the style of the Gatorade logo and Mr. T. exclaiming, “I pity the Veuve! Drink Farmer Fiz Fool!!”  His wines are playful in name with graphic labels as well.  In a short span his production has soared from some 400 cases with the 2008 vintage to over 20,000 cases with the 2012 vintage.  This young wine presents a cooler, less ripe style which is different and interesting.  This bottle was noticeably more closed than the glass I had before so I would recommend you cellar it for at least half a year.  Otherwise give it several hours of air in a decanter.   This wine was purchased at Bottlehouse in Seattle.


2011 Mouton Noir, O.P.P., Willamette Valley – ~$20
This wine is 100% Pinot Noir sourced from several vineyards.  It was fermented in stainless steel then aged in both new and used French oak.  Alcohol 13.4%.  There was a lower lying nose of delicate red berries and a little yeasty, Pilsner aroma.  In the mouth there was dry red fruit which was a little tart.  Herbs and cran-raspberry flavors eventually came out.  There was plenty of acidity which made me salivate, fine, grapey texture, and some texture.  This bottle remained tight and young so I would cellar it for the short-term.  **(*) 2014-2016.


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