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Happy Birthday! Hogshead Wine Turns Two


Today is the second anniversary of the Hogshead Wine Blog!!!  It all begin with a post about My First Tasting with The University of Bristol Wine Circle.  Since then over 860 posts have been published representing an average of eight posts per week.  I publish them Monday through Friday though I admittedly have missed a handful of days.   These posts feature over 3,500 images of wine labels, corks, winemakers, vineyards, maps, and paintings occupying some 1.6 GB of storage.  The folks at MacArthur Beverages sometimes wonder if I have a day job.  I do, I just am fortunate to possess a lot of annual leave.  I have settled in to writing every morning before I start work, though I do work on plane flights as described in Tasting Wine at 34,000 Feet….Live!

Traffic has slowly and steadily built such that there are 500 dedicated WordPress, Email, Twitter, and Facebook followers.  They are part of some 4,000 individual readers who generate over 7,000 page views per month.  With 56% of the readership located in the United States this blog has attracted an international following. These international readers are located in 165 different countries with 30% being from the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Australia, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, and India.

While whatever is on the home page remains the most viewed content, my Dutch history series such as Wine Related Dutch Paintings of the 17th Century remain assuredly the top favorite followed by I Try Cups of Copa Di Vino which skyrocketed in popularity this winter.  Hamburger, Fries, and Wine! where I review the 2008 Shake Shack, Cabernet Franc remains one of the least viewed posts.  Search engines drive the majority of referrals followed by Facebook, MacArthur Beverages, Twitter, Fran Kysela, and Wine Berserkers.  I do not keep track of how many wines I have written about but these surely number in the low thousands.  The vast majority of these are purchased though I do receive samples from Cornerstone Cellars, MacArthur Beverages, Chateau Juvenal, and Tendril Wine Cellars.  The wines are typically from France, Italy, and the United States, such as New Mexico, though Spain, Germany, Australia, South Africa, and Portugal are sprinkled about.  There are a number posts featuring wines from Lebanon, Greece, Hungary, and even Turkey, Serbia, Israel, Croatia, Mexico, and Bulgaria. I typically write my notes in Moleskine Notebooks and have started in on my fourth large reporter notebook and eighth small notebook.

I continue to wear out corkscrews as I taste wine at a continuous rate.  I still prefer to taste a wine over two nights so I have emptied many bottles of Private Preserve in the family room and kitchen.  Spiegelau Vino Grande Bordeaux remains my favorite tasting glass.  Sometimes I swirl too vigorously or drip while pouring, so I have come to appreciate Wine Away stain remover.  Most of these wines are tasted at home with Jenn but a significant portion have been shared with Lou, who has even started posting.  Lou and I have handed out some 250 business cards in an effort to spread awareness of the blog.  I have occasionally been seen to taste a wine without writing down a note.  Some of my favorite posts are related to the History of Wine.  These posts take time to research and have driven a significant increase in book acquisitions.

Thank you all for reading the blog and posting comments.  I am working on several in-depth posts for the next year so be sure to check back.

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