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A Medieval Field Blend and a Wine I Know Nothing About

Here is an interesting pair of wines we drank over this past week.  The Domaine du Vignes du Maynes was recommended to me by Jamie at Chambers Street.  The wine is produced by the Guillot family who purchased the 7 hectare vineyard back in 1954.  The vineyard has very old origins having been first planted by the Benedictines of the Abbey of Cluny in 910.  This enclosed vineyard has been in existence ever since with the vines replanted over the centuries using selection massale or propagation through cuttings from the best vines of the vineyards.  The vineyards are believed to have never been augmented with pesticides or herbicides.  The fruit is hand-harvested, transported to the winery by oxen, then pressed by foot, and fermented in old oak vats or barrels.  Sometimes the wine is bottled with sulphur.  The wine clearly reminds me of the natural sort but the weight, pepper notes, and juicy black fruit all add depth and interest.  Certainly worth a try.

The second wine was recommended to me as well, this time by Phil.  I know nothing about Domaine Joulin and will update this post when I hear back from the estate.  All I can write is that it was a surprisingly delicious bottle of wine.  There was not one drop leftover for tasting on a subsequent night.  I definitely recommend you try a bottle.  The Domaine des Vignes du Maynes was purchased at Chambers Street Wines.  The Domaine Joulin was purchased at MacArthur Beverages.


2011 Domaine des Vignes du Maynes, Clos de la Vignes du Mayne, Cuvee 910, Macon-Cruzille –
Imported by Fruit of the Vines.  The fruit is sourced from a field blend of Pinot Noir, Gamay, and Chardonnay.  It was hand harvested, Alcohol 12.5%.  The color is a very light, slightly cloudy red grapefruit and rose.  The light is light with fresh red berries, a yeasty touch, and some fresh pepper.  The mouth follows the nose but with a little more weight to the initial fruit.  The flavors have a gentle firmness along with red cranberry acidity on the tip of the tongue.  There is a pepper note, a natural taste, citrus nose, and juicy black fruit.  With air there is a touch of yeast and a racy character.  There was vintage perfume in the aftertaste.  ** Now-2014.


2011 Domaine Joulin, Saumur Champigny – $15
Imported by OSLO Enterprise.  This wine is 100% Cabernet Franc sourced from younger vines.  Alcohol 13%.  The nose bore finely textured aromas.  In the mouth the Cabernet Franc fruit comes through with pepper, a greenhouse note, and good ripe, blackness.  After 15-30 minutes of air there are confident flavors of red and black fruit, a little ripeness, and a juicy finish.  This is a really good drink with cool and fresh ripe notes.  *** Now-2015.


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